Scan Results – March, 21, 2019

cost of viagra professional vs cialis jelly As always scan day was a long and emotional day. For us as parents, scan days never seem to get any easier. It is always the same dread and anxiousness. You can’t eat, you can’t sit still, and you just have this awful, sickening pit in your stomach all day as you wait to hear the results and what impact it will have on your child’s life. For Emma though, scans have become something pretty normal to do. At six years old, she can tell you exactly what will happen, handles it all like a champ, doesn’t cry or get nervous, and even knows as soon as the doctor walks in to ask if it is good news. Something like MRI scans shouldn’t be commonplace, but to our 6 year old, it is something she has always done. We don’t typically scan here in Omaha, so when Emma asked Dr. Abromowitch in her sweet little voice “Did I get good news today?” even she seemed a little taken aback at how aware and common this has become to Emma. This is unfortunately the life of pediatric cancer patients. It is yet another example of how normal the not normal is in the life of these little fighters.

see Unfortunately we didn’t get the news we had hoped to get to Emma’s question. It appears from the MRI report that Emma’s main tumor as well as one of the nodules has grown .2-.3 centimeters. While he weren’t surprised there were some changes since we haven’t been doing treatment, we had been hoping they would be more minimal. The scans were done a different scanner than we usually use and read by a different radiologist, so that could account for some small differences, but the changes are sizable enough, that they feel the tumor has changed. Dr. A feels that we don’t have to start something immediately, but probably in the next 4-6 weeks. The scans have been sent to Boston for Dr. Chi and the brain tumor board there to review. We are hoping to hear something from her next week, but you never know. Now we really need to hope and pray that the trial is almost ready to start, because it sounds like we may not be able to wait much longer, and instead may have to start something different. The whole reason we held treatments was so that she could hopefully get onto this trial, so now if the tumor grows and we can’t get her on the trial it will be even more difficult to accept the outcome of our decisions.

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viagra no perscription We are feeling pretty disheartened tonight. We knew growth was possible, but had hoped it would be less. All of those feelings of uncertainty, anxiousness, fear, anger, and sadness seem to be creeping back in as we take in this information. It is sometimes hard to accept that the decisions that we made didn’t go like we had hoped and now the tumor has grown. Emma looks the best she has in months because she isn’t on treatment; however, now that she is feeling better, the tumor is growing and who knows what that will cause. It is all just so hard to understand sometimes. I guess it is just another example of why it is so important to live in the moment and always enjoy the time we have when she is feeling good. While we feel disheartened at the moment tonight, we remain hopeful. We are hopeful that even though this isn’t the news we wanted, Dr. Chi will be able to help us figure out the next steps, whether it is the trial or something else if need be. While waiting isn’t easy, we will try not to drive ourselves crazy while we wait. Thank you to all of you who have sent messages today and for all of your prayers, love and support! EmmaStrong Always!

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