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  1. We are also a family that goes To the Jimmy Fund clinic.Our oncologist is Dr.Chi too.Our little boy has a brain tumor that is inoperable.We have been going to the Jimmy fund clinic for 2 years.We wish you the very best for all of you and especially your little girl.
    Thoughts and prayers with you — Doucas, Crystal and Alexander

  2. Emma, miss Sherry and Jean miss you on our van. Please know I am praying for you, and your family. I can’t wait for the day when we can pick you up for school again. I am going to be watching this site for information on how you are doing. You are in God’s hands, and that is best place to be.

  3. Emma is in our daily prayers and has been for a couple of years. We will continue to pray for all of you. May God give you good health and the strength to continue to do what is best for your beautiful daughter. Blessings~

  4. I have followed Emma’s story from the start. Your family has shown so much courage and wisdom through this journey. God bless Emma and her family today and throughout this journey. May today be a day of positive news and the drs can find better answers for her.

  5. I just read the story of your experience leaving dinner in Boston and a rude man made a comment about you carrying your daughter. Please accept my apologies on behalf of all Bostonians for this Neanderthal. True Bostonians would never behave that way, and I am sorry you experiences the worst of our citizens.
    Sending many prayers to your family, especially Emma.

  6. We are hoping and praying all goes well for little Emma. She is such a little sweetie!

  7. Praising God for your good news! Praying that the tumor continues to shrink and that God may be glorified in Emma’s perfect healing here on Earth!

  8. We will be praying for knowledge and wisdom for your doctors as well as God’s strength and loving arms to surround you in these next few weeks. Hope that your enjoyed your holidays!

  9. As the mother of an atrt cancer survivor I just want to say love and prayers go out to Emma as she fights this horrific battle with enough love prayer and support anything is possible. We were given odds of a ten percent chance of survival at the age of 23 mos old… she is now 8 years old and in remission… I have faith that your daughter is going to fight this with everything she has.. I watched the story on the news and it took me back bringing tears to my eyes I am so sorry you have to fight this Emma just know I am sending all the love and prayer withing my family… prayers go out to the family… stay strong Emma keep up the wonderful work you my dear are a blessing

  10. Our Prayers are going everyday for Emma and her Family. What a Beautiful little girl. She is so strong and Brave. Hugs!
    Linda & Bob Ternus Humphrey, Ne

  11. What wonderful news! We hope you enjoy your time in Boston together! Continued prayers for sweet Emma!

  12. Brent, so sorry to learn that you and your family are going through this difficult time. I know that words will never be enough, but prayer is strong. I will pray for happiness and healing for you, your family, and Emma. God’s blessings to you all.

  13. We are so sorry to hear about Emma’s latest scan. We will keep fighting alongside of you and praying hard!

  14. Hey! I’m wondering what kind of cancer Emma has? Please email me ( My niece has brain and spinal cancer called ATRT.

  15. Gehring Family,
    It is great to hear that Emma’s scans went well! Your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers!

  16. Yay! We are so thankful for a stable scan! You guys have a GREAT rest of the summer and enjoy the next 3 months!! πŸ™‚

  17. Congratulations Emma! You are BLESSED and a very strong little girl. Enjoy your summer with your family! Prayers & God’s Blessings to you and your family! πŸ™‚

  18. Whoop whoop!!! Tears of joy for all of you!!! Watch and live is not easy at times but just take it one day at a time and continue to enjoy every moment. Hugs!!

  19. God is good!! Our kids are the same ages, and I remember when I first heard of Emma, I stopped in my tracks and said a prayer. I’ve prayed every time that I think about her, since.

  20. Great News!! GOD IS GOOD!! Many more Blessings are headed your way, we can feel it. Prayers continue for all of you. GOD BLESS!
    Jim & Cheryl

  21. It was an honor to see your family on Easter Sunday. Emma looked adorable and Aiden so handsome. Grandpa & Grandma Alt were beaming. We will be saying prayers for Emma and for Mom & Dad. Safe journey and may God give you strength. #EmmaStrong #GoodScanResults

  22. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you each and every day. You are wonderful people and we know so very many people are praying for all of you.

  23. Heard about this beautiful girl and cause from the Washington Capitals. My prayers are with you and your struggle. I know God wants to heal her.

  24. Such great news. Think of you often. Sending prayers daily. God Bless.

  25. So thrilled about that news. Prayers continuing for you beautiful little girl.

  26. The whole Ostrander Family is beyond ecstatic at the news of tumor stability. Prayers were answered today!!!

  27. I am praying for something quickly treatable for Emma’s lungs and for a happy girl and rest for your family.

  28. You guys are unbelievably strong, especially Emma! Let me know when you guys are back in Boston and if you need anything while you are here πŸ™‚ Praying for you all, hoping you get the good results you wish for!

  29. Continued prayers for Emma! Jack had a blood clot where his port was and we had a few Echo’s (because they were required by the trial) and then one month it just disappeared. Praying for similar results and a favorable, treatable diagnosis! Hugs to you all!

  30. We are praying hard for Emma and your whole family. Hugs to you all!

  31. I’m so sorry to read this. I completely understand the fear of her being sick with a compromised immune system. We will pray for Emma’s quick recovery and that you can keep your trip to Boston on schedule. Sending prayers & hugs to our friends… ?

  32. Praying healing thoughts from your bout with pneumonia. Feel better soon, Emma ??

  33. So happy to hear your good news. Another thanksgiving to raise up to God at the dinner table this evening. Blessings to all of you.

  34. Glad to see some good news for Emma !! Sending hugs and prayers for the entire Gehring Family !! Diane

  35. Kathryn – I’ve been praying for your Emma and your entire family. Hopefully the MRI and scans in Boston bring you good news! Emma, sure has wonderful and strong parents in you & Brent. God be with you always!

  36. Many prayers for safe travels and a stable MRI! We loved following Emma and Aiden on your trip–so glad you had a fabulous time! Hugs to you all, especially these next couple of days.

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  38. I am in awe of every individual in your family–I’m praying the no-nonsense way you go about tackling whatever has to be done is rewarded with a wilting, cowering, shriveling tumor. What beautiful children you have. Thanks for posting photos.

  39. So good to read an update! LOVE the shirts!! I will get mine ordered as soon as they are available. Good luck with the new chemo. I know nothing first hand but have read enough stories and enough research to know it generally has good results for kids. How frustrating the past few weeks must have been. Emma looks awesome!! Will pray she tolerates the new chemo well and this is the one that kicks the tumors butt. Bring on summer!!!! I am just as ready as you are! πŸ™‚

  40. Hello there Emma & your family. I have a huge list of prayer warriors here in Kentucky & several other states praying for you everyday sweetheart. I know it has to be so hard on all of you with the rejections, uncertainties, & everything else you’re up against that it’s overwhelming to one’s mind, heart, body & soul. Keep hanging tough. You have a lot of people sending prayers your way. God’s blessings with you always.

  41. I believe when a study that is right for Emma. God will see that she gets into it. I know when everything goes wrong it is not easy to see that. Keep the faith, I know God loves you and is always there. God’s Blessings, Joanne

  42. Our prayers are with you daily. We wish Emma and all of you didn’t have to go through so much pain , anxiety and uncertainty. May God be with you every step of the way. Love, Al & Jan Schneider

  43. To all the Gehrings — I cannot imagine the decisions you are facing and the emotions you feel. Just take time each and every day to praise our God for the blessings you can find that day. They are there! Take time to watch those kids and gather up the memories because they grow so quickly and then you wonder where the time went. Peace be to you.

  44. Sorry to hear Emma is having a bout with a bug . Update is out to the prayer line we will all be praying.
    I think I would say you are blessed with the support system you have not lucky.
    God Bless

  45. Hi, we haven’t met officially but, back in November, we were both waiting for the elevator outside of MRI at childrens in Boston. My son had just had an Mri for his optic pathway glioma. I saw your story via Team Jack a couple days later and realized I had seen you, and Emma had that hat with the big pink flower… So strange, huh? We live about an hour from Boston, our next appt is on March 4th and 5th. Please let me know if you need anything <3

  46. Prayers for you and the doctors! We are finding that “medicine” is largely run by people with MBAs and Corporate experience with little knowledge of the medicine or patients, sadly…Praying for wisdom, and peace that passes understanding through all of this. Sweet Emma and your family is such a blessing to us all.

  47. How frustrating and irritating that these decisions will be made about medications without taking into account who they will help, not how much more money can be made. We will pray for God to speak to the hearts of those who make the decisions regarding these drugs, so that they can be available to all. My family will continue to pray for your all and we send Emma love. God Bless

  48. We are so saddened by your news. And also angered by what the power of the drug companies. I want you to know that I have passed Emma’s name along to the Nebraska North District of LWML (My church women’s mission group) and as of today their will be a lot more people praying for Emma also. Please let my wonderful Maggee know I am thinking of her and her whole family everyday and that I love her. I never get to see and I hate bothering her because I know she is so busy and so stressed.

  49. Our family will continue to keep Emma in our prayers. She is one tough little girl and we will pray that the doctors are able to find a more effective treatment for her. We pray for strength, endurance, and hope for the whole family. God bless.

  50. (Caitlin Martin’s mom)
    So sorry to hear of your results and the frustration and politics of medicine in this country. Prayers for you all!

  51. I’m so sorry to hear of your news today. How frustrating and disappointing. God has a plan for little Emma. It’s bigger and better than anything we can imagine. As difficult as it may be to see and understand that at this time, it’s important to have Faith in His plan. Keeping your whole family in my prayers.

  52. Hugs to you all! I’m so sorry you didn’t get better news today. I will continue to pray for the answer for what will heal Emma, to be known to you and the doctors and be available to her. Hang in there!

  53. Praying for Emma and your family!! Hoping for a better day tomorrow!

  54. Oh man!!! If it was at all appropriate to swear on here I would!!! I am so sorry about the scan and secondly I am so angry about the trial and the drugs they don’t want to manufacture to save our kids. Seriously!!! I will continue to pray. All of you deserve a ray of sunshine. This whole thing stinks and I am so heart broken. Ugh!

  55. Our prayers are going your way as always! Stay strong and know that many are praying for all of you. May God bless your decisions in the coming days!

  56. UGH@! you have every right to scream into the nearest snowbank!!! i can’t wrap my mind around ANY of this. but my heart is steadfast in prayer and the first and only thing that comes to mind is that doors are closing and opening FOR you so that the decisions can be prayerful and with wisdom. ?! Thank you for the painful details, it guides our prayers and tonight my prayer is that God speaks to your heart and directs your path. Beyond that, that He provides exceedingly and abundantly…especially at a moment when you feel completely empty! I am amazed, that your little sparkly miracle is making growth and progress amidst these scan results and medical labrynths! Set your eyes on that, your faith on God and just keep loving her the way you do because that counts for A LOT!
    Respectfully, With a heart purposed on decisions,
    heather in rochester ny

  57. Hope this finds you through the end of the scan process for this time. Considering you’re in Boston…’may blessings fall like snowflakes!’
    Take care,
    heather in rochester ny

  58. Your favorite Aunt is praying for your family and especially for Emma as you travel and through all of those tests coming up. Stay Strong. Everything is in God’s control. Favorite verse for all…. Do not be anxious about anything but in EVERYTHING by PRAYER and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to GOD! Philippians 4:6….

  59. Prayer for Emma and her family. Hope you all have a safe trip. Hope the weather works out for all of your travels to Boston and the her appointments.

  60. Praying for a safe trip and that you have a safe and blessed journey while in Boston. God’s Blessings to you all! #EmmaStrong
    Jim & Cheryl Pribnow

  61. Many, many prayers for Emma! So glad to hear she’s doing well! Prayers for a safe trip, good weather, a stable MRI for Emma, and strength for mom and dad! Hugs to you all!

  62. I have been thinking of you, I knew scan day was fast approaching. I am praying everyday single day that the tumor is stable. I wish you safe travels and I hope you can get where you need to be. Sending positive thoughts and a huge hug!!


  63. As a parent of two children who attend Bellevue East, I would love to be able to help you out in the only way I know how. I am a Jamberry Nails consultant and I would love to do a fundraiser for you and donate 50% of my commission to help Emma. If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact me at the email address provided in the info.

  64. SO glad to see a post!! I know they are time consuming and not always the easiest to write but I for one am so very grateful for them. Without them, I would have no idea that you guys or Emma exist. You helped me through a very difficult time last year (about this time actually). Your encouragement and support means more to me than I can express in words. I would do ANYTHING to be able for this to be the year that we find a cure for our kids. I just told Spencer a few days ago that I have fallen in love with Emma and have never even met her in person. I look forward to the day we can officially meet. I will pray and anxiously await that day in Feb. So crazy how you can’t wait so you know and then wish the day would never come because you don’t want to know! At least that is how scan day always is for me. Emma looks great in the pictures. Your kids are absolute dolls! Take care! Hugs!

  65. Just yesterday as I was driving, I glanced down at my #EmmaStrong bracelet and wondered how you were doing. It’s truly a “God thing” that I saw the post tonight. Emma, although we’ve never met, I have worn your pink bracelet faithfully EVERY DAY since the day your Aunt and Uncle gave it to me at the Women’s College World Series almost two and a half years ago. My family all have bracelets and tshirts and we pray for all of you. Please know that Des Moines, Iowa is here for you with whatever you need! God Bless You!!!

  66. Your Emma has a special place in our hearts, and we will continue to pray for healing, strength and guidance for your family. God Bless.

  67. I know how disheartening this news is for you. Please know that all of us are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you determine the best course of action for Emma. Your strength is an example for all of us.

  68. We are praying big, big prayers for Emma and your family. I talked with my kids Audrey and Oliver this morning and they said they will pray for her at school as well. Take care and know that prayers and positive vibes are coming your way.

  69. We are sending you hugs Emma (and for you too Mom and Dad) and want you to know we are still praying. Thank you for taking the time to share the tx plans with us. We are praying that you will feel confident in the choice that is made. We wish you had better news to tell us, but you will get over this bump in the road like you have every time. Emma is a fighter!!! Love from the Ostranders

  70. I have been praying for you all week–just wanted to get a head start! I never heard of Flat Alyssa!! But John and Carol are bringing Flat Stanley to Boston (Jacob’s project) for Aiden to dress. Love you lots sweet Emma!
    Aunt Mary

  71. Many prayers for Emma’s continued progress as well as great results in her scans!! Safe travels!!!

  72. Im selling raffel tickets for PATRIOTS FOR EMMA at my school. I really hope it helps out alot

  73. So incredibly happy that you and your family are on your way home from Boston. Even though you have to spend time in Lincoln, at least you are closer to those who love and need you. Emma is such a treasure and you are all so blessed to have her in your lives. I don’t know if I could have done what you and Kathryn have done for your precious baby girl. You have shown such love and courage in a situation that at times must tear your hearts apart. You are amazing parents and I feel blessed and honored to know you. God has special places in Heaven and on Earth for people such as yourselves. God bless you and your whole family.

  74. Continued prayers and love to you all. I am constantly thinking and praying for all of you and hoping that each day is a step in the right direction. Take care and know that there are many people who are thinking about you and love you all very much.

    Love and Prayers—Leslie and family

  75. Hi sweet Emma,
    My son Brogan was your room mate at Boston Children’s Hospital in Jan 2013. I tried to Facebook message your dad, but I think it goes to the “others” folder when you aren’t friends on Facebook.
    Saw your parents on the Neuro floor last Thursday when Brogan was inpatient. We are home now but Brogan has an MRI on Wed and we’d love to see you again!!
    Hope someone sees this and tells your dad to check his Facebook messages!!
    Prayers for healing sweet girl!

  76. Thanks for the updates! I know they are sometimes a pain to write but it keeps us from calling/texting you guys all the time. πŸ™‚ We have been fervently been praying for continued progress for Emma and recovery from surgery. We have also been thinking of you two! Hang in there and stay #EmmaStrong!

  77. My heart just breaks for sweet little Emma and everything she is having to go through, not to mention what you guys are having to experience as parents. More prayers are going up than you can imagine. Thank-you for the updates, they help to know exactly what to pray for. Stay strong and trust in our loving savior. hugs and prayers, Roxanne

  78. Oh Sweet Emma, I have a tear streak on my face also as I look at your picture. You keep fighting and I will keep praying for all of you.

  79. Emma’s story arrived to us in Chicago via friends in St. Louis. We share your struggle with pediatric cancer. We’re sending hugs, prayers and faith that miracles do and will happen each and every day. Of course, you already believe that. Emma’s a courageous little girl who is blessed to have you as loving and intelligent advocates. Trust in God, and he will deliver.

  80. My thoughts and prayers are with Emma and all of you. I can’t imagine what you are going through. God is with all of us! Bless you!!

  81. Sweet Emma!! We have been praying for you, your mom, dad and brother this week! You look so pretty and we love your balloon! You keep doing awesome and we will keep praying. Lots of love from Nebraska!

  82. I know you don’t know me, but I’m sure there are a lot of people that are keeping up with Emma’s story and praying for you. I just wanted you to know that I am one of those people. I pray for Emma at night and often times during the day when I pray for others that come to my mind. She is such a precious little girl and I KNOW God can heal her completely! My prayers are with her and you, as parents. I pray every day gets a little bit better! God Bless you and your family!

  83. Thank you so much for the update. I truly believe today will be the hardest day and after those drugs wear off and her levels stabilize you will see her get stronger and do more things almost every hour. She is so strong but just needs a little time to rest. I can’t imagine what it feels like to wake up after that surgery. I can tell you from experience that Spencer went from not being able to regain his balance to even sit up to standing and walking 16 hours later. The brain is amazing and so are you and so is she! I am just sitting down to pray and I promise you a decade of the rosary will be for Emma and for you. It is exhausting to be in your shoes, physically because you aren’t sleeping much and emotionally because your heart hurts. Continue to have faith in God, he is with you. Stay strong and try to get some rest. Take care.


  84. So sorry to see Emma and your family endure this journey. You are all in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I will share this on my photography page. I hope spreading the word brings you a mountain of prayers and healing!!

  85. It breaks my heart that little Emma has to go through surgery again ! I just wish there was a magical cure for ALL these CANCER KIDS , so they could grow up healthy and strong! Not in a hospital with tubes coming out of them, so need to be on oxygen !! It totally infuriates me when I see how little is being put towards child’s reseach !!!!

  86. Thinking of all of you during this time!!! Praying for your whole family!

  87. Thinking of you guys out in Boston. Thankful for another incident free surgery! That is one tough little girl you have! #EmmaStrong

  88. As always throughout this journey, we are praying for all of you. May our Lord and Savior give you the strength and faith you need to handle this latest unexpected event. We pray for doctors’ wisdom and of course their hands as they treat this precious little girl. Safe travels and may you feel all of our love and support as you travel to Boston and for the next week’s surgery and treatments.

  89. Thoughts and prayers, prayers, prayers, and more prayers coming your way. Good blessed little Emma.

  90. We were so sad to read your last post. We were so hoping that Emma was back to her usual self! Praying for answers for you guys and positive results–hope it’s something that’s easy to fix! Lots of hugs from us!

  91. I am praying like crazy for some answers for your family and for sweet Emma tomorrow. Seeing your post makes it all the more real that we need everyone saying a prayer for your beautiful daughter. She has been such a strong little girl! I pray that the doctors can take her “ouchies” way and help her to get back on the path she was on in fighting this!!

    love you all!!!
    Stephanie, Josh, Olivia and Mariah Bruntz

  92. I am praying for Emma and your family. Miracles are happening to Emma everyday as she recovers from surgery. Hoping for many more through the Chemo treatment.

  93. Thanks for the update! I appreciated seeing a photo on a Hoffman site taken of your families together in their Emma shirts. And I love Emma’s shiny, huge dolphin balloon! Even so, I know you must all long to just be HOME together. Photos always bring me up and I know I’m more connected to my prayers–so thanks so much for sharing them! My prayer focus is on that tumor–but I’m also remembering that the school year is starting up–hope all goes well as the new routines begin.

  94. Miss Emma will now be able to move ahead without the pain she had. Thank you God for Dr. G and her team.
    Wishing all of you some needed rest and relaxation. I want to thank you for keeping us all up to date with your posts. I do follow the others and realize that we never know.
    Prayers will continue for Miss Emma and her family. God Bless!!

  95. We have been thinking about all of you so much the last few days. Thank you for the update on little Emma. And your point at the end of your blog is so appropriate! It never matters as much to us, until it IS US. Together we can accomplish so much and really make a difference! As a couple, together with your friends and family, and many people you might not even know are “making a message out of the mess” as Robyn Roberts would say! πŸ™‚ I just applaud parents like you, Andy & Bri Hoffmann and the many others who so courageously work to raise funds for research. May the rest of us rise to the occasion as well and support those efforts! Sending a hug from Holt County, and wishing you all a night of good rest. πŸ™‚

  96. Still think of you all often. You will be in my prayers tonight that Monday’s surgery will give Emma some relief and will go smoothly. God’s grace be on you.

  97. Oh my gosh, that was fast. Please know we are fervently praying that this shunt will relieve Emma’s symptoms. We will be with you in Boston in our thoughts and prayers!! Sending hugs and love. AND wishing sweet Aiden a happy 5th birthday!

  98. Sorry you didn’t get the news you were praying for. Glad Emma is in good hands when it comes to treating her. I will pray for guidance for the medical team. It helps that you have confidence in the team taking care of Emma. They really get to know her and really care about what happens to her.
    God Bless all of you, keep you safe and send healing to Emma. I Jesus name. Amen!

  99. You are in our thoughts and prayers,as usual just a few more at this time. Continue to be EMMA STRONG and keep your faith in God, he will get you through this. Love your friends in Hildreth, Daniel and Roxanne

  100. I’m so sorry the news wasn’t what we’d hoped and prayed for. Thanks for writing so authentically about the day. As a prayer partner for your family, I needed to go on that journey with you, as well as I could from this distance (York, NE). I’m grateful that Dr. G. is still aiming to find ways Emma will triumph–and so glad to hear about the new surgical tool Emma’s fundraisers have contributed toward.

    I’m praying that God sends your family members peace that you think is impossible under the circumstances. And I’m praying you won’t feel guilty for leaning back into His arms and accepting its refreshment.

  101. I had the pleasure of sitting near your family on the first leg of the flight today. Being the mother of young kids I always choose the sit next to kids on planes (many pass up this opportunity) I figure I have the patients and no matter if they are silly or quiet or cry it makes me miss my children a little less when I am traveling.
    Little did i know that that choice would change my life and I would meet such an amazing family and sweet angel.

    I enjoyed all of your son’s questions and thoughts that he shared. And of of course seeing/meeting Emma. She is a sweetheart. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers.
    God Bless you and your family. Also your baby sitter seams like an outstanding young lady, I was impressed by how well she entertained your son and wasn’t afraid to be silly with him.
    When I get home I will hold my children a bit closer and say a prayer for your amazing strong daughter.

  102. Wishing you safe travels and good news!! May God’s healing powers be with Miss Emma and show it through the MRI. Have a great family time, you deserve it.

  103. A family health crisis has brought me to praying from Proverbs 3 today–about wisdom and discernment. I’m pulling your concerns into that body of thought. May the Spirit guide you through everything that is your responsibility–and in things that are not, give you permission to have peace as you lean into the Everlasting Arms of our Father God. He loves Emma. He LOVES Emma. He loves you.

    I know. Easy for me to say. But I’m praying that in God’s way, He does bring you to a place of peace that passes all understanding.

  104. I am glad things went well today. I continue to pray everyday for Emma and for this to be the chemo to stop the tumor. Get some rest! What a beautiful picture of Emma!! She is sooooo cute!!! I look forward to the day I can meet her in person. Take care!!

  105. I hope you guys have an awesome turnout on Saturday!!! It isn’t going to work this year to run, but I hope it is a great day for all that come. As always, we think of you guys often and send our prayers to Miss Emma. May God Bless her on her battle against this terrible disease, she is such a little trooper:) Hugs to all and I’ll sure miss seeing your wonderful family!!

    God Bless!

  106. Hi all! I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you you are never far from my thoughts and prayers. I keep updated by reading the site and have been sending many prayers your way and up to Heaven for good reports. I can’t attend the Fun Run in Kearney this weekend but I’ll be there in thought and spirit. God’s blessings to you.

    Stacy Seim

  107. Sounds like things are going well and you have all been busy!! The update is out to the prayer team we will all be praying for Emma before, during & after the surgery.
    Please let us know how she does and any other specific follow up prayers you need.
    God Bless,

  108. Thanks for every detail in your update. The concern that stood out in neon for me today, so I feel it’s God’s call to me to focus upon it, is that port! Mom and I agree in prayer for “my” kids by name each night, and we’ll be asking God to make an efficient answer for that port–or better yet, to just take care of it Himself so nothing needs to be done. The overall prayer we just don’t let go of: That God would move researchers to the discoveries that will change it all–bring a non-toxic treatment that makes chemo and side effects a thing of the past. Thanks for everything you do to be involved with the fundraising and pediatric cancer awareness cause. It seems so unfair that people who must be overwhelmed with the extras cancer brings to a family are the ones who have to be front and center in the cause events. But you are the ones who can be most effective. We’ll keep praying about that, too–that God takes up the slack in all the areas you have to let slide in order to do all this.

  109. Just a note to say how much I admire your courage and love for Emma. Your strength is an inspiration to all who know you. I have kept Emma in my prayers every night and my prayer chain in Ohio prays for her daily also. The power of prayer and the love of the Lord will find a cure for this terrible disease. I think of you often Brent and enjoyed working with you at Bellevue East. May God keep you and yours in his loving arms and bring you all that you need for Emma. God Bless you!

  110. Thanks for the update! Praying for great results with this new drug combo! Also praying sweet Emma tolerates it well. She is so adorable and has grown alot, even since we saw you last! Hugs to you all!

  111. Out to the prayer chain so all will be praying for Emma and all of you inculding that you are able to get what you need, can’t the hospital help you find them?
    God Bless

  112. Still praying for Emma and your family every week. I am hoping that the new chemo finds and kills all the nasty tentacles of the astrocytoma. And I am hoping for many new normal days for Emma this summer!

  113. Gwen,

    Sorry to hear the website wasn’t working. I will place your order for you myself and you can mail a check if you would like. Just email me with information about the shirt sizes and hopefully will get them in the mail very soon. God bless you for keeping up with our daughters health. We will keep fighting. Thank you again.

  114. I am feeling devastated for your family (I’m an old friend of your mom’s, Kathryn) but amazed by your strength and creative ways to fight. I did try to order two T shirts, but I’m not sure the website was working when I submitted the order. I’ll check back. God bless you all!

  115. I hate cancer!! I’m so sorry you had to hear those words. We know how scary it is and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone. You will make the best decisions for Emma and your family. We are sending our prayers your way. ❀️ The Nahorny’s

  116. We continue to keep little Emma in our prayers! Sorry to hear you are once again are faced with another challenge and more tough decisions to make. May God give you guidance and wisdom and comfort! Sendin love and prayers from our family to yours!

  117. Praying for Emma and all of you to stay strong. there just has to be a miracle somewhere for our little sweetheart!
    Lots of Love
    Aunt Mary

  118. So sorry the news wasn’t what we all hoped to hear–but I’m reminded that we’re told to not get too euphoric when it’s good news, or too down when the news is bad. Perhaps one of the options will be JUST what God wants to use to make headway against that tumor. Perhaps there will be great wisdom to learn or to impart among you and a new group of caregivers. Perhaps Emma will be a key to help others. I am praying for your stamina and your ability to come back into the fight with fresh energy and HOPE. I’m praying for a new vision for you. All these are beyond my ability to imagine–I don’t know how you are doing this protracted battle–but I do believe that we serve a God who can easily do the impossible. I ask Him to do impossible things for you over and over on this journey. And I’m praying that you feel surrounded by love–from those you know and many of us who are not familiar to you.

  119. Dear Gehring’s,

    I didn’t have a chance to visit with you at the Team Jack Gala in Lincoln. It was so touching to see you take the stage with little Emma and the other parents and children affected by pediatric brain tumors. Thank you for coming to the event. Your presence no doubt made a difference. We keep Emma on our prayer candle here in ONeill and think of you often. We have a mutual connection with Maggie (Smeal) Gehring being our niece and my sister in Scribner knowing Emma’s grandmother, I believe from the library? Our heart goes out to your family, praying for that break through the researchers need to cure this disease. Please Lord! Let it be right around the corner!!

  120. Sorry to hear your trip was not as expected. Will be praying that God will give you strength and guidance as you make your decision.
    May remembering Jesus’ Ressurection give you the Joy that HE is taking care of Miss Emma!! Wishing all of you a Blessed and Happy Easter!!

  121. So sorry to hear that things did not go as hoped. Sending prayers for you all in this tough decision making process.

  122. Many prayers for Emma this week! Prayers for stable MRI results, and minimal scanxiety for mom and dad! Prayers for wisdom for Emma’s doctors and that they have a plan for Emma moving forward. We will miss you by a week-Jack’s next MRI is April 23rd. Hugs to you all!!

  123. I’ve been following Emma’s progress from when she was entered on the prayer chain. I’m hoping and praying that if you haven’t noticed any changes in her mental behavior or moods that it is a good sign that the turmor hasn’t grown or at least not much. Thank you for sharing your journey. God bless you all!!!!

  124. Thanks for the update. Emma has grown so much, and I love the photo! I am praying–can’t imagine how stressful it is to be trying to do the best in the midst of so many issues to balance. I’m praying that Jesus gets in the yoke with you so as you walk, you feel His sure choices guiding you.

  125. Keep up the good work, sweet Emma!! We know it’s hard, but you are a fighter!! Tell your parents to keep their heads up too. πŸ˜‰ Praying hard for you guys. <3

  126. Good news and a beautiful picture of two little Irishmen. Great Grandma RoseMary must be so proud of you! Prayers for another good week.
    Love to all of you,

  127. Just read this tonight and will be saying lots of prayers for Emma and for the rest of you as well. See you tomorrow and I look forward to hearing some great news! Praying for restful sleep for all of you.

  128. Thanks for the update. I pray for Emma every single night but will be more specific tonight in what I am asking for! I am kicking myself for not making the trip to Lincoln last weekend for the Gala…we WILL be there next year! I am already excited to meet you guys and Jack and his family. Keep us updated on what happens after the test tmr. Many prayers are coming your way. Stay Emma Strong!!!!

  129. So glad to hear the good news! πŸ™‚ May God keep blessing Miss Emma and her family. Have a safe trip home, I’m sure Grandma & Grandpa Alt are anxious to give some hugs and kisses.
    God Bless #Emma Strong

  130. Hello! I came in today to find your beautiful note and bracelet (that I will wear with pride)!!! I am so sorry to have missed your visit but please know that I of course, remembered who you are! You, your story, and beautiful Emma are always at the forefront of my mind. My cell phone# is (617) 835-6884. Please call or text whenever you are in town! Emma Strong, like Boston Strong is a huge idea and a movement that can surely only make it easier to get through the tough days! I am at work tonight, all day Friday and usually Tuesday through Friday every week. If I’m not here, Patsy Burke would love to see you again. You are all always I. Our thoughts and prayers! AND I would have loved to have met Aiden! ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀Emma Strong!

  131. I am so happy with your news from today. It will be so nice to report to our church and to my Bible Study group that the tumor has not grown. There has to be so many people praying for little Emma and we will not quit. Bless you all and know that are people praying for you everyday.

  132. Thanks for the update–think we all sat on ‘pins and needles’ yesterday waiting for a report. Keep fighting my little Emma and I will keep praying.
    Love Great aunt Mary!

  133. I have been waiting all day for an update. I am so HAPPY to hear that the tumor is stable…what a relief! I just finished saying a rosary for Emma, I continue to pray for her every night. Take care!

    Teresa Brandsrud

  134. Yay! We are so very happy for the great MRI results! Thanks for taking the time to give us the report. We continue to pray for sweet Emma and your family. Hugs!!

  135. We are sending prayers to you all for the scans you have today. Lifting you up and praying that you see positive results!!! Emma is such a trooper and we know God is on her side:) Hugs to you all for safe travels, positive results and some good news!
    Stephanie, Josh, Olivia & Mariah

  136. I’m praying for you especially hard this day, thinking of you often and hoping for the best. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you all soon.

  137. Gehring family!!! Sending all our prayers and positive thoughts with you to Boston. We are in the same boat, heading to Chicago next week for scans. It is always terrifying. We will be praying!! Love from all of us.

  138. Prayers being sent on “Angels Wings” for dear Miss Emma and you her parents. Praying for good news and God’s healing touch. God Bless!!

  139. Thanks so much for the update. So often my heart and prayers wander to thoughts of you, healing wishes and even tears. I too will be traveling to Boston (NH w/ a daytrip to Boston) but for much different reasons. It will be a nice opportunity to pray during the long drive. SCANXIETY is real. God will give you ALL the strength you need. Take along a hymn, verse, phrase or visual to focus on during the tough moments. FLOOD your heart with it. We await your next update with anticipation, filled with hope and ready to PRAISE!

    Take care, if I SEE you, I will shout “PRAYER WARRIOR ALERT” before I approach you πŸ™‚
    May the blessings flow like the Charles River!
    heather lange

  140. It was VERY nice meeting you today Emma! Stay strong and good luck next week in Boston. We will be praying for you and your family for safe travels. Reading over Emma’s story reminds me and takes me back to Brady’s 7 years of fighting this nasty tumor. We will keep praying.

  141. We are praying for good January MRI results for sweet Emma! She has grown so much! We wish your family a wonderful 2014 with nothing but good news! Hugs from us!

  142. Hi,

    You do not know me at all and I don’t know you either. I ran across Emma’s story while looking for some positive stories about PMA. My son was diagnosed with a PMA on August 19th of this year. He had most of his tumor removed on August 19th after having a seizure and being airlifted to the hospital. We live in Brandon SD, so he had his surgery in Sioux Falls SD at Sanford. We had no time to do any research or make any decisions as to where the best place would be to go to have the tumor removed as he was unconscious and had to have the pressure from his tumor relieved immediately, his tumor was the size of a softball and they were able to remove a lot of it but not the entire thing due to the fact that it was a jelly like substance directly on top of his brainstem. I just wanted to let you know how comforting it is to me to read your story and I continue to go back to one of your first entries that talks about what the doctors in Boston told you about the tumor. We haven’t been told anything in Sioux Falls about the tumor except that it is rare…I have been scared and sick to my stomach for months. Yesterday as I googled PMA survivors on about the second or third page your story showed up and I am so thankful. You have given me hope and helped me to feel better today than I have in months. If you would ever like to connect, please email as I would love to talk to you. I know exactly how you feel. Thank you for starting this website, it has helped me more than you know. My email is I have started including Emma in my prayers and I pray that the doctors can continue to do research and cure this horrible beast! Take care,

  143. I am praying for Emma and of course the rest of her family! All of you need emotional support when it comes to dealing with stress from tests. Take it slow——– please.
    Hugs and Prayers,

  144. Way to go EMMA !! I am so happy that you are well enough to be out of the hospital ! I also hope this round of chemo continues to work well for your little body. You don’t need those nasty side affects, do you ? Just keep going and getting stronger !!
    Hugs and Prayers,

  145. I am glad that the virus didn’t take the fight out of Emma! Sounds like it made her stronger so she is able to tolerate the new meds.!
    Grandpa G. being there didn’t hurt either !!

  146. I am sorry to hear about Emma’s setback !! I hope and pray that this will get turned around like it should- SOON !! I also hope that the medicines will help her more! Take care of yourselves and Aiden also.
    Hugs and Prayers,

  147. Hello,

    I met Emma’s grandmother and Emma’s brother on a flight to Minnesota. I wish you and your family all the best and look forward to following Emma progress. Stay positive and strong.
    Thinking of you Emma πŸ™‚


  148. Sorry to hear the results of the MRI. Emma is a fighter. She has proved this time and time again. Rely on your faith, and lean on your family and friends. We will continue to pray for all of you. Hugs are being sent your way!

  149. Kept seeing a big Nebraska “N” in Boston on Thursday. Ran into these people three times in three different places in and around the city. Finally we were close enough to meet and visit Emma and her parents and hear her story. So glad we did. We live in Omaha and this truly is a small world. We look forward to keeping up with Emma’s progress. Brent & Kathryn, you have my contact info. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

  150. You know that you have a lot of angels praying with you and for you and your family plus all medical staff, so that everything will turn out the way it should !!
    Hugs and Prayers,

  151. The Doctors WILL find a treatment that works!! You are in our prayers every day. Just know that God is watching over all of you!!

  152. Praying for a clear decision as you hear the options for future treatments. Your docotrs sound amazing, thoughtful and certainly on Emma’s Team! Thinking of you all.

  153. Hang in there Gehrings! We’ll just keep asking God to do things his way and trust that he has a plan! Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!

    Les, Sara, and Will

  154. Great news, am so happy. Have been praying that the tumors were controlled and no more invasive procedures would be needed. It has been and sounds like it will be a long haul, but with God and friends supporting you may the journey be calmed by all the prayers and progress be huge for Emma. Hugs and Prayers Sheryl Holt

  155. We are thinking of you guys as you make the decision as to what treatment to use next. Praying that God helps lead the way to the best medicine to help sweet little Emma. We think of you guys often and pray for strength as you continue on this journey with Emma. Love you guys and sending out our thoughts and prayers to your family.
    love, Josh & Stephanie

  156. We must have been the only people in Scribner who did not know about Emma and I feel terrible, but we are praying for her everyday and she is also now a part of our prayers for my Bible study group. Love you Maggi and wish I could see you. I think of you everyday.

  157. Good luck on your trip to Boston, and all of your Big Girl Emma’s updates and procedures !

    Hugs and Prayers,
    Diane Bennett

  158. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as you travel to Boston and during the MRI and meeting with Emma’s doctors. I wish only the best and that Emma’s chemo is doing what it is suppose to be doing. Be strong and know that we all love you and are keeping you in our constant prayers.

    Enjoy your time in Boston.

    Love and Prayers-Leslie

  159. Thanks for the update! I will be continuing prayer for you during your Boston adventure. The photos are great. MY, Emma has grown!

  160. I am so happy to see all the headway that Emma has made. She learned a lot of different things at Madonna and so she will be stronger ! My prayers continue to flow for you and Emma on your next trip tp Boston. Wishing you all nothing but the best !!
    Hugs and Prayers,

  161. Emma, You probably don’t remember me, but I was your travel nurse at Children’s in Omaha before you went to see your wonderful Dr. in Boston.
    Guess what? I’m working at Dana-Farber in Londonderry, NH right now. Today I finish my chemo class and take my test. My hoper are to be able to serve more beautiful children and adults just like you. I just love to read your updates. I have never followed up on my past patients, but it makes me happy to see your smile. You my dear child, along with your loving family and huge group of supporting friends have sent me on this path that I am on. Getting my chemo certification will help me be able to help patients like you.
    I love you, Denise
    PS Kiss that good looking brother of your for me ok. And your mommy and daddy too.

  162. You have a Beautiful little Girl as well as an Awesome Family…
    God Bless you all as you go through this journey with Emma. She is a strong little girl with all the encouragement that she receives from the both of you. Mom and Dad and “Big Brother” you Rock.
    Emma as well as all of you are in our Prayers. As well as our thoughts.

    Linda Ternus

  163. Lots and lots of prayers for continued strength and improvement. She is a beautiful little girl. Blessings from Plainview.
    Gail and Michelle Mosel

  164. I am always glad to get a new update on your family. Emma’s progress while at Madonna should make you feel that her time has been well spent there. Glad to hear and see that Aiden has had some fun days too. Time is flying as it usually does this time of year, but Emma is a good reminder to us all that as time passes progress also happens. Love to all of you.

  165. am glad Emma is making progress with her motor skills ! Sorry for the bad upset tummy incident ! I hope it is not a recurring issue for Emma. Neither she or you needs that to rattle your nerves ! Keep calm and pray !!
    Husg and Prays,

  166. Great Job, Emma. You look so grown up in your patriotic dress.
    Keep working-I want to see you walk. Love you, little one!

  167. Dear Gehring Family, I am so grateful that I had the honor to wait on you and meet Emma at The Eatery the other evening. Please know that Emma as well as all your family are in my daily prayers for God’s will, may you find peace and strength in Him. πŸ™‚ Love, Julie

  168. How awesome you guys got into Madonna for intense rehab! It will be soooo good for Emma to be there! I’m a speech therapist, so it makes me feel good to read that insurance is supportive of Emma getting the best rehab and Madonna is the best place for that! So glad to read she tolerated the last chemo well too! Thank you so much for your kind words about the walk! It was wonderful having you and your amazing team a part of the walk this year! It was such an honor walking for Emma! We will keep you in our prayers for lots of progress and solid answers in her treatment plan! One day at a time!

    Kellie Beresh

  169. I hope that the race went well this past weekend. We were very bummed to have to miss it (my brother got married in Texas over the weekend)! We will continue to keep little Emma in our prayers!

  170. I am so happy that Emma is getting some therapy to make her even stronger !! Each one will work her little muscles and tendons !! I hope that she makes great strides !!
    Hugs and Prayers,

  171. What great news it is to hear that Emma is getting the opportunity to have the therapy sessions in Lincoln. We pray for her and know that each little blessing is something great for her. Here’s hoping that you see steady improvement while you’re there and that you get to stay longer after the 2 weeks is up. Hugs to you all! Love, Stephanie

  172. So happy to hear you had some time as a family this past weekend….that is so difficult during all this am sure, but still so important. We will pray for a successful 2 weeks at Madonna. Hugs to all!

  173. Happy Birthday Miss Emma!! I am sorry you are having trouble this round and prayer that things turn around for you quickly !!!
    Hugs and Prayers,

  174. Happy for your good news! We met Emma and her Grandpa at the infusion center a few weeks ago and she is definitely a charmer! We hope to see you all at the CureSearch Walk Saturday.

    Many prayers,
    Sammy’s Grammy Marlene

  175. I can not believe that EMMA is 1 YEAR OLD !!! I am so glad that you have made such progress and now you get to rest and spend some time with your family !!
    Hugs And Prayers,
    Diane Bennett

  176. Happy First Birthday Miss Emma! Hope that you and your family have a wonderful celebration! So happy for you all that you have reached this milestone and that you will have this summer to spend some extra family time together. As always, keeping you in our prayers!

  177. Happy Birthday Miss Emma! I am so happy that I was able to spend the last several Mondays with you. Hope you have a great day and enjoy your birthday cake!

    Love, Carol

  178. Happy Birthday Emma! Such a sweet one year old girl! I hope you have a superdooperawesome day.

    Thank you for sharing the MRI results.

    I continue to pray for Emma and keep you all in my thoughts.


  179. I was happy to finally hear some good news for once ! Yes she still has fluid but it has not increased so you don’t have to change shunts ! Your little girl is EMMA STRONG !!
    Hug and Prayers,
    Diane Bennett

  180. Know you will have a special birthday–YOU ARE ONE! I keep praying for you, Emma.
    Love Great Aunt Mary

  181. Dear Emma –

    Prayers for you to have good results on your MRI. I will be thinking about you. Stay strong Miss Emma!


  182. Praying for good news from today’s MRI. In my own brain cancer journey I’ve learned that the MRI’s are not always totally conclusive. But they do give a good “big picture” view of how the treatments are going. Keep trusting in the Lord’s care of Emma and you both.

  183. Praying for good news for you all today! I think of Miss Emma all the time and enjoy getting your updates as you never leave my thoughts. Take care and be strong!!!

  184. Of course we will be praying, not only for Emma but for all of you as; well as the medical team who will be reviewing the results
    God Bless,

  185. Emma and family,
    Thank you for the update. You have had many wonderful events for Emma. People are so kind and generous. Glad the chemo is going well and will soon be shorter lengths. My thoughts and prayers continue for all of you.

    God’s blessings,


  186. Please help us support the Gehring family this weekend!! Saturday April 27th in Hildreth NE for a fun day!!!

    Some outstanding auction items have been donated!!!! Here are a few 10 person prim rib dinner, 2 night stay at Blue Sky Cabins at the Harlan County Lake, tons of baskets, husker items, iron decor and so much more!!

    This is going to be an outstanding even for an outstanding family!!! Please let us know if you have something to donate to the auction or would like to provide bake sale items for our bake sale!! We are still welcoming things:)

    Cant wait to see everyone on Saturday!!!!

  187. Dear Emma and family,

    Thank you for the update on what has been going on. I hope your temperature is back to normal and staying there. I also hope you are getting along just fine after your treatment.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Stay strong little one.

  188. Dear Emma and family,

    I hope your family is feeling better now. You are in my thoughts and prayers every night. God bless you sweet girl.


  189. Emma and Family;

    I didn’t realize this when I first introduced myself and family. Kathryn (sorry if I missed spelled it) I saw a benefit for your family on facebook in Hildreth and after looking more into we know each other. My first cousin is Angie Mahler. I remember growing up and playing/swimming with Angie and you. I am not sure if you remember me but my maiden name was Pawling. I just wanted to re-introduce myself again and let you know that your family is in my prayers always. We are at Children’s only once a month for Drake’s chemo, for Leukemia. He is doing well and we continue to fight our battle. Fill free to email us at or on Drake’s guest page on his CaringBridge website. Have a good day.

  190. Saw your story on Channel 7. Your family and beautiful little girl are in my prayers. I wanted to also give you a great online support group that helped me out greatly when I went through my own brain tumor experience. A lot of great people on there and some good resources and information.

    Stay strong and God Bless!

  191. I am praying for you. I know what you are going through. My 8 year old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor 2 months ago. I will pray continually for your family and little Emma. If you need someone to talk to please feel free to email me.

  192. I saw Little Miss Emma on KETV #7 NEWS at 10:00 tonight !!
    She looks quite abit different from when she was getting ready for surgery . In January, she was small and pale and now about 2-3 months later you can see a difference ! Emma’s smiling and has gained weight. Still having problems with left arm but Emma is STRONG and will make it through with the help of family and friends !
    God Bless EMMA GEHRING and all of her family and keep them safe from harm pleasee. Keepfighting STRONG EMMA and everything will turn out good !!

  193. I’m so glad to hear Emma’s news. he’s such a fighter. God bless her andI hope she continues to get better. God bless you all.

  194. So very happy to read this great news! Emma is such a strong little girl who gives hope to us all. I continue to pray for all of you. I wish Emma and your family a blessed Easter. Enjoy your family and the beautiful weather. Take care!

    Love and prayers to you all!


  195. Such good news about Emma experiencing “normal” life for a change. What a smile! God is good! We continue to pray for all of you as you continue on this journey. God’s Blessings on you!
    Paul & Sue Weeder

  196. Dear Emma and family,
    So happy to hear that your life is returning to “normal” and that all the reports are looking good for Emma. That is wonderful. You must breathe a sigh of relief. Have a wonderful Easter.

    Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
    You are in my prayers always.


  197. So glad to hear that things are working so much better. She sure looks happy!! Remember that every minute of every day, God is watching over her!! We pray for all of you every day! Tom

  198. So GLAD to hear that everything is feeling somewhat “normal”. I’m sure that GIGGLE had to be a breath of fresh air for you. God is with Emma and Spring is just around the corner along with His Easter promise. Praying for Emma and your family. Keep #Emma Strong and may you have a Blessed Easter!

    Love the picture of Emma, just makes you want to hug her! She looks so HAPPY!! πŸ™‚
    God Bless!

  199. Thanks for the welcome update with positive news! Also, my heart made a leap of gratitude as you included a report about your thoughts on Palm Sunday. It is such a joy to pray for people who love Jesus!

  200. It is so nice to hear that Emma is doing so well. I pray this continues and you feel His presence blessing you with peace, comfort, strength, and healing. God Bless.

    COLE’S prayer team

  201. So happy to hear things are feeling “normal”. I always feel blessed when our daily lives get boring cause I know all is on tract. Think of you all often and continue to pray and wear our bracelets proudly. We are all blessed in so many ways. Have a fabulous Easter with your family!

  202. I just wanted you guys to know how much Emma’s story has touched my class of third graders. They ask about her daily and their little hearts go out to her every time they hear an update that is not positive. Many requests for strength and recovery have been expressed! Baby Emma sure has some very STRONG supporters here at Shell Creek! May God Bless your family today and everyday!
    Billie Wemhoff

  203. Ok, I am thinking that Brent and Katherine need to STRONG!!! so here is my word of encouragement today

    Philippians 4:6
    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God.

    Go Prayer warriors out there in internet land!!!

  204. What a week for all of you. My prayers for establishing a routine in your schedule with no more surprises! Emma – you just handle everything as it comes along. You are a sweet sweet girl. Hope you have some down time this next week.

    With love,

  205. Kathryn and Family,
    I just wanted you to know that you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Please know that we along with all of your old hometown of Hildreth are pulling for baby Emma!!
    Chad and Tracy Lindau

  206. Glad you finally are home again. Was some long days waiting to hear that Emma was finally able to go home.

  207. God has blessed you with a lot of patience. Hopefully now things can go forward and your future will be bright. We appreciate rhe updates!

  208. Glad to hear that you are ALL home! Family time is like no other. Prayers still coming your way. Have talked a bit with Grandpa and Grandma Alt, glad they are so close. Continue to stay #Emma Strong!! God does have a plan for your peanut! πŸ™‚ GOD BLESS!

    Cheryl and family

  209. We are so glad you guys are finally all at home. There is nothing worse than sitting in a hospital all day. Deb and I pray for your whole family every day and we hope that Emma has finally turned the corner in her life. You have to take comfort in that God will always be watching over her. God bless you all!! Tom

  210. I am so glad that everything seems to be worked out and you are home together as a family. Bless her heart–she had a rough week. I pray she is for smooth sailing now and that you feel His presence blessing you with peace, comfort, strength, patience, and healing. God Bless.

    COLE’S Prayer Team

  211. Nothing more awesome than seeing a fellow teacher supporting #emmastrong… started my day off right seeing her sporting a bracelet!!!

  212. I’m sure you guys are exhausted on so many levels and you have certainly had an up and down journey. Stay strong in your faith and the prayers of family & friends all over the country. We are thinking of you often.

    Stacy, Ben & girls

  213. Emma and family,
    Thinking of you today. I hope it has been a relaxing day and Miss Emma is doing well.

    God bless,

  214. we are praying for all of you
    Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:25-26 ESV

  215. Totally get it! The updates are great. Keep us posted as it’s convenient, otherwise enjoy this time of snuggling. We will shift our prayers to pain managment (especially your emotions) and hope to be back on chemo path with uneventful days.

    for the love of squirt guns with flexible tubing,
    heather lange
    rochester, ny

  216. She keeps you on your toes!! So glad she’s in her momma’s arms tonight. I’m still thinking of you and praying for you all!

  217. So happy that Emma is snuggling with her mama again. I pray so much that Emma is able to recover quickly from this surgery and that you are all given a break this time! That little fighter is continuing to hold her own but I am sure you are all exhausted. Be strong and know we all are here thinking of you all the time and praying for the best. I hope for an easy and relaxing weekend for each of you.

    Love to you all-

  218. So glad to hear that Emma is out of surgery and sleeping in her mommy’s arms. May you continue to feel His presence blessing you with peace, comfort, strength, and healing.

    God Bless.

    Janet Inman

  219. We are thinking about you all each and every day and sending many prayers your way. Emma is a strong little girl and is going to overcome these hurdles! We love you lots!
    Stephanie, Josh, Olivia and Mariah

  220. Thank you for continuing to share your story. Will continue to keep up prayers as you navigate through all the issues this week. Thinking of your whole family.

  221. Praying for you baby Emma… Praying for strength and comfort for the whole family…. Praying for the surgeons hands and that God hold her during the surgery and recovery….

  222. I’m writing to reassure you that I am continuing to pray for all of you. Sorry that there is one more difficulty to deal with in Aiden’s illness. Hope he’s well soon. #Brentstrong and #Kathrynstrong keep it up!

  223. My heart breaks for Mommy and Daddy, Emma is stronger than all of us. I have grown children your age and I still try and protect them. I am so proud of your testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ. I have never been in your shoes, but I can only imagine how hard it must be. We are praying hard for God’s will to be done in all of your lives. God Bless You and all of your family. I wish I could hold and kiss little Emma. She always looks so happy.

  224. What a roller coaster you guys have been on! My heart breaks for you and I’m praying that the doctors can find a reason for the issues Emma is having and a solution so you can get back to the business of chemo and shrinking (and even eliminating) this tumor. Saying lots of prayers in Kearney for you.

    Keep the Faith!
    Stacy, Ben & girls

  225. Oh my gosh, this video of Emma is delightful. It just seems to magnify the prayers. You gave a great description of the dayS eventS. I totally get it. I’m envisioning either a coffee pot with a clogged up filter, not flowing fast enough OR a coffee pot spilling out instead of into the pot as the pot is not ligned up with the drip and it seeks an alternate route…if you have a Keurig…OH FORGET IT!

    While i have not read of this port fluid issue before, i have read OFTEN of ‘non productive’ chemo days or chemo days that didn’t go as planned. God hasn’t forsaken you, you just may have taken your eyes off him and glanced at the circumstances too long. i guess the moral of the story is DONT BLINK! πŸ™‚ A blessing of the day is that we are seeing more and more of Emma’s resilience and that inspires such hope.

    Tell brother Aiden we are praying for his sore throat- another blessing that Emma was hanging in the hosp! He is so precious in God’s sight!!!

    Keep journaling, let us know any concerns you have- we don’t determine big or small we just pray. That’s our sole commitment!

    Next time that port fills up you ask neuro if they wanna have a squirt gun fight- emma wins!
    heather lange
    rochester ny

  226. Thanks for the update. I keep asking God, “What do You want to do? Is this about timing? Guide us in what to pray. Send the Holy Spirit to cry out to You with groans that our words could not express (Romans 8). In every area that Brent and Kathryn feel weak and worn out, let them step back and stay out of Your way, and YOU come in with your strength (2 Corinthians 12:9). I’m asking God to help you focus on HIM, and not be tempted to blame or get caught up in confusion as if the cares of the world are a god, and your Creator has to submit to them. And I’m asking that you get some answers and some relief on Friday–and in a way that shows you God’s hand in it. And I’m not praying half-heartedly. I’m asking God in desperation for the sweet answers only He can orchestrate for Emma.

  227. My goodness–I’m worn out just reading about your last couple of days. I pray the morning brings you some much needed answers and Emma will soon have this port taken care of and back on her scheduled chemo. I also pray for your son to recover quickly from strep and that no one else get it. YUCK! May you continue to feel His presence blessing you with peace, comfort, strength, and healing. God Bless.

    COLE’S Prayer Team

  228. Just want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Also, we wish you had stayed with Caringbridge. It is much more user friendly. We have been following several children on Caringbridge and find it so easy.

  229. Little Emma–must you be so dramatic about your care? You know we never will stop hounding heaven with our prayers for you! I pray surgery today finds the answer and you can continue on this journey.
    Keep Smiling Sweetheart!!
    Love Great Aunt Mary

  230. Dear Emma and family,
    I feel your frustration when you don’t know what is going on. I hope that issue is taken care of soon. What a little dolly Emma is with her smiles and gentle nature. You are in my prayers. May you feel God’s warm touch and His healing presence.

    With love and prayers,


  231. Prayers continue for Miss Emma. Happy to hear she is smiling and talking….some sense of relief for you, I am sure. I pray that the drs are able to figure out the port issue and that it can be fixed with little need for anything too invasive. Give that little angel a squeeze for me.

    Prayers and Love to you all!


  232. Praying that you can keep holding onto the good, like Emma smiling and talking, to help get you through the tough times. Hopefully today will be one of answers and a plan.

  233. Thanks for the update–refreshing my prayers. At the end of a day when the perceived goal wasn’t met, I’m saying, “What is the deal, God? What do You want to do? Was this about getting them over to Children’s so they could serve someone else who really needed them?” I’m asking the Spirit to pray (as in Romans 8), since I don’t know the real core of what God wants. Around the edges, I’m asking for the professionals to have wisdom, insight, discernment, plenty of sleep–and for you to feel Jesus in the yoke WITH you, making the load light as well as giving direction.

  234. It was GREAT meeting lil Miss Emma today! (You too dad) What an absolute DOLLY! Maddie and I both loved hearing her talk talk talk! And those looks she gave Maddie! What a hoot! Our prayers continue for Emma and your whole family! We will probably see you again!

  235. To start I want to tell you Emma and your entire family is in my prayers everyday…. Also I want to let you know that I buy bows for my little girls from a place called Bows for Brenda her proceed go towards fighting pediatric cancer. She has chosen Emma to be the month of May “Hope” recipient… Here is her email her name is Shannon Marshall please email her and she will give you details on Emma being the “Hope” recipient!! Lots of prayers!!!!

  236. Hello sweet Emma and family,
    You have all been through a lot this week. I’m sending prayers for strength and rest when you need it. You are an amazing family. Stay strong little Emma.

  237. Stay strong everyone. This is such a trying time and I know you guys are weary. Keep your sights on your faith and God will give you strength. And know that all your friends and family are praying hard!

    Thinking of you
    Stacy, Ben & girls

  238. The Lords Blessing to you all!!!!!Prayers to you everyday, several times a day!!!!! Gods grace comfort, strengh, to you all through these diffucult times!!!!! Gods lone to you all!!!!!Peace, love prayers comfort!!!!! CJ

  239. I’m crossing a boundary because i am only a prayer warrior. HOWEVER, in the past i have been able to donate ‘sick days’ to a fellow colleague allowing them to take off and provide caregiving for a spouse with ALS. I am inspired by the donations and fundraising, i wonder if it is possible for there to be donations of time to cover one of you at work and relieve you for the emotional process of chemo. considering you have raised such a valid point that many of the medical visits/issues come up without warning. You have certainly raised up an incredible support team to cover the expected/planned/anticipated moments. We’re going to pray you through this!!!! Do you feel like you’re leading an army into battle and your first weapon is DETERMINATION?

    Perhaps the back of EMMASTRONG shirt should say “GOT DETERMINATION?”

    Take care, thanks for the details-with respect to your privacy it is helpful to know lest we take anything for granted.
    heather lange
    rochester, ny

  240. Keep on fighting Baby Emma. We are praying constantly for you. And i know that God’s hands are gently holding you and rocking you. And we pray that the port concerns heal themselves.
    Aunt Mary

  241. Thank you for all your updates. Fingers crossed and prayers the port is going to behave itself. I can’t image how frustrating it is to have every little thing feel like it fights you. Stay strong…you have so many praying for you. God is on your side….don’t forget that! Love from the Sendgraff’s.

  242. There are actually certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration. That is a great point to bring up. I present the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly one can find questions like the 1 you bring up exactly where one of the most significant factor will likely be working in honest beneficial faith. I don?t know if most beneficial practices have emerged about things like that, but I’m sure that your job is clearly identified as a fair game. Both boys and girls really feel the impact of just a moment’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

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  243. Still praying for you guys! I hope everything with the port turns out ok and that little Emma doesn’t have to endure too much more pain over the coming weeks! Stay strong!

  244. Keep on keeping on Gehring family! God has big plans for Emma and your entire family. Thank you for the posts. We continue to pray for complete healing and strength as you go through all of this.

    Take care and God Bless.


    The Hoffmans

  245. Been thinking about you guys all day long. Hope the first chemo treatment wasn’t to rough on sweet Emma. Lots of love, prayers & thoughts sent your way.

  246. Big hugs to Our Sweet Gehring Family! Our thoughts and prayers are continuous! I was hoping to share a Monday or 3.., I have
    3 personal days that I would love to spend with Amazing Emma, and I can only predict that other ch family would love to do the same. Love, hugs and PRAYERS! We are here for you, I wish I could do more.

  247. Our prayers are with Emma and her family as she begins this long journey tomorrow. May God be your strength and your rock. I wish I lived closer, Scribner is just a bit far to help with your babysitting dilemma. I would have loved to sit and rock dear little Emma. I will pray that an angel will appear and lessen your burden. God Bless!! and stay #Emma Strong!!

  248. Praying that this weekend brings some rest and peace to all of you. I know there is just so much to worry about, but God has it all–He will not leave you and He will send others to come along side you and lift you up, too. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

  249. I think the positive attitude, and trust in God’s plan is a positvive way to move forward, He seems to have done a pretty good job of taking care of y’all so far, we pray ths contineus, and immagine it will.
    We have sent the update on to the prayer team and we are allpraying.
    God Bless

  250. I have been praying for your family and Emma and will continue to do so. Hopefully, chemo will shrink and/or kill all of these bad cells. How heartbreaking to get more bad news. I can’t imagine how overwhelmed you must be by all the information being thrown at you that is constantly being changed as more tests or developments occur. That’s why I am praying for you every day as well as Emma.

  251. Hi Emma – Today is Valentine’s Day. What a sweet little Valentine are you. I hope your day is filled with love.

    With love,

  252. You are all in our constant prayers. Keep the faith. Jesus is close by, listening to your prayers. He will answer them at just the perfect time. Each day is one day closer to complete healing. In our prayers …


    The Hoffmans

  253. So sorry for the news, we have the update out and we are all praying, for you , for Emma, for the medical team for guidance
    God Bless,

  254. Hi, Emma and family:) I am a high schooler in Iowa, but I have baby cousins and 2 little brothers I love like crazy, so when I think about Aiden and Emma and what she’s going through, I just can’t bear it. My family sends out lots of love to you all even though you’re far away, and I sincerely hope Emma will get better someday, and I hope that day comes soon. We will pray for you and always keep your lovely family in our thoughts. <3

  255. Dear Emma and family,
    I hope that your pain is much better now and you are comfortable. You are such a sweet little girl and you don’t need anything that causes suffering. You are all in my prayers. May God give you peace in these difficult times.

  256. Our family is so sorry your family is having to go through this with your precious little Emma. It is amazing how resilient these little people are. We are sending prayers that she handles treatment really well and no more bad news finds it’s way to you. Your faith will help you find your way and always BELIEVE!!!!!

  257. Sometimes I think this should be called BrentandKathrynStrong. You two are amazing parents, but I want to cry for you when I think of the pain you must be going through when your little girl is going through so much. It’s hard enough to see your child with a cold or flu; I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be to see her in so much pain. I’ll continue to keep you all in my prayers. May God give you comfort and stamina. Know that so many people are doing all that they can both inside the medical community and us “common folk.”
    Love and Hugs to you all!

  258. Kathryn & Brent:

    I’m so sorry to hear about another bit of bad news. But just remember the fighter Emma is and how strong she has been throughout each surgery and treatment she has been through. And of course don’t forget the power of prayer. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel but we are certainly praying hard for you and your baby girl. Stay strong and keep the faith and we will pray for less pain and for some good news as she heals.

    Thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers your way.

    Stacy, Ben & girls

  259. *SIGH* …even my tears hurt. i can’t believe it. i’m sorry this is so frustrating and down right discouraging at times. we care so much about you, about every detail from the comforts of the hospital, if you are eating okay all the way to the cries of Emma. i hope that as i type this, she is on a medicine regimen that is providing her comfort, rest and much relief. i know the spinal MRI findings don’t change the treatment plan but they do change your mindset, alter your existing heartache, and raise more questions to be answered. but that’s not all it changes. in fact it brings us to a greater determination to pray for miracles, it shows us that God is only giving you what you can handle, bits at a time, and it magnifies the strength behind that tiny little Emma. she is GODSHINE, right there before your eyes. HOW DID SHE GET THIS FAR with all this manifesting inside her body?! AMAZING!!!
    In the ‘mist’ of your tears, don’t forget to remember she is healthier now than she was a week ago. The majority of tumor is out and fluid pressures are decreasing! You have already gotten her the best care you could find!!! That takes wisdom, determination and a strong will to listen to the voice of God beyond your own weeping.

    we care. we cry. we hope.
    heather lange
    rochester, ny

  260. Through the morning’s prayers, I have been thinking again what good leadership you give your prayer army in your updates. Over the past months, I have been reminded in many ways that those who pray often go down our lists and quite coolly and imperiously tell God where He is needed, and what to do. I am reminded to stop and to humbly tell God how helpless I am–how lost without Him–how DESPERATELY His hand is needed. Your mention of Emma’s heartrending cries is having a huge impact on how I’m approaching God this morning.
    I know that what you are experiencing is so overwhelming–and that it must be hard to write about it. But thank you for doing so.

  261. I don’t know what to say. I feel awful for Emma and both of you. So very heartbreaking….that baby girl deserves a break and some much needed good news.

    Please know that you continue to be and are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that her pain subsides some throughout the day and that you can get some answers from the dr when you see her later today.

    I know God has a plan for Emma and that she is showing him how strong she can be and clearly IS!!! Hold strong to your beliefs and know that so many people love you and are thinking about all of you.

    Love and Prayers-Leslie

  262. Oh, my heart breaks for you, that there was more bad news, and that Emma ever felt the pain that exploded out in the cries you had to hear. Thanks for being honest with your prayer warriors about every response–including this time of frustration. SO understandable. I’m praying God takes the energy from it and puts it toward a goal you can fiercely embrace. Loving you in Jesus.

  263. Praying for healing of baby Emma. May our heavenly father bless and keep your family safe and provide his healing hands on Emma.

    Troy, Angie, Nick and Kylie

  264. So glad Emma is in recovery and will continue to pray for you all. Hoping you get some good rest. I’m specifically praying Phil 4: 6-7 for you tonight.

  265. I took time to look at your pictures of Emma today, and the one’s of her sucking her thumb remind me so much of our Princess Megan, (Megan Holt Smith), she sucked her thumb and she was the best baby, and she grew in to such a beautiful, bright, intelligent young lady, so I know Emma will be beautiful, bright and intelligent also. She is so adorable. Continued prayers for ALL of you.

  266. Praise God she is a tough little tiger praying for everything to be postitive from here on out.
    God Bless,

  267. I’m glad everything went ok today! Continued prayers for your sweet Emma!!! I can’t imagine the stress/heartache you guys go through each time she goes into surgery!! We will continue to say prayers for you everyday!!!

  268. Thanks for the update! I’m thanking God for a detail–so good that the medical technicians are so interested in communicating with you what goes on between professionals in Boston and in Omaha–so there aren’t mysterious gaps for your minds to play on in the middle of the night. So good to see that they work together to uncover the mysteries and that whoever is responsible for taking the current action can use ALL the information, evaluate it, and focus on the best possible plan in that moment. Pretty preoccupied with your interests today, and humbly grateful to be part of such a huge and loyal prayer army!

  269. Praying for you and your beautiful family! Your faith is astounding and inspirational. God works, even through (or should I say especially through) difficulties, and His light is radiating from your little girl!
    Isaiah 41:10
    ‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

  270. If you have to be flexible i will too. I’ll pray at 3:33 eventhough it’s not an even hour πŸ™‚ Praying for the completion of successful surgery, MRI and the PERFECT plan for chemo.

    Hang in there, He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock…you are safe. you are loved.

  271. At 12 and 2 i prayed for yoU!

    Wondering if you realize how awesome it is to see pics and videos. As far away prayer warriors we are in a unique position in that we are privileged to pray for you but in reality may never meet you. That clashes with the heartstrings that tug as if we have known you for years. Thanks for taking the time to share pictures and updates. We appreciate that.

    heather lange
    rochester, ny

  272. Prayers being sent your way today. May God guide the Doctors’ hands and keep Emma safe in His care throughout the procedure and always.

  273. I pray today for strength for Emma and her parents. I know that God will be watching over this precious little girl during her surgery and keeping her safe in his arms.

    Kathryn…it was so very good to see you Sunday. I hate the reason that brought us together but I am so happy to have seen you….hug you….and meet your beautiful little, Emma. She is absolutely adorable and I can see how she has so many that love her. What a strong little one you have and may I just say….you are one strong mama!

    I will continue to pray for you all today and in the coming days. Please know that you are in my every thought and my prayers.

    Love to you all!!!!!


  274. Prayers are with Emma today as she begins this journey. God has plans for her and He will be with her all the way! Trust in Him and He will provide. God Bless you all.

  275. Praying that all goes well with Emma’s surgery today and chemo tomorrow. Stay strong through the power of prayer and know that you have many prayer warriors on your side. Keep the faith!

    Stacy, Ben & girls

  276. Here we go! SHUNT the CUTE and PORT the PRAYERS! it’s a find time to ‘Trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and lean not on our own understanding ( science, physical world, medicine, emotion, doubts, opinions…and yes even statistics)’ Praying for the medical team, the prayer team, the care team and the emmastrong team. There will be 2 surgeries today, so I am going to attempt prayer on every second/even hour throughout the WHOLE day.

    Gotta go, it’s EMMA TIME!
    heather lange
    Rochester, ny

  277. Keeping you close at heart and lifting you up in prayer today. “Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand.” Ps 73:23

  278. Emma, good luck with Chemo and Sx this week! Drake loves Dr A and all the nurses in infusion! Dr A will take good care of you! She is Drakes Dr A and we think she is pretty awesome! Continue to pray for strength for you!

  279. I will be praying for an easy, successful surgery tomorrow. I pray you feel His presence blessing you with peace, comfort, strength, patience, and healing. God Bless.


  280. I pray your reasoning is correct, the video was adorable but side ways.
    I”ve sent it and the videoontothe prayer team we will all be praying
    God Bless,

  281. We have been to numerous fundraisers over the years. We have to say the spaghetti feed & silent auction was the most organized & well run event that we have ever attended. The volume of people and the outpouring of support was amazing. Kudos to all of the staff & volunteers that made this possible. Our thougts and prayers are with all. Dan & Kathy

  282. I’ve been praying for Emma and you. I appreciate the updates. May God bless Emma with healing and strength. May he grant her family strength to deal with this heartbreaking situation and come out of it stronger in faith and feeling the strength of your love. In Jesus name I pray. Joanne

  283. Keep you guys in our prayers and praying for a successful surgery to add the shunt and for infection to be kept at bay. Stay strong and keep the faith. You have lots of love and prayers coming your way for Emma!

    Stacy, Ben & girls

  284. Hey,

    Just sending you a short note to say our family is praying for you and hearing the latest news about another surgery means we need to step up the prayers another notch or two higher. We love you and look forward to seeing you at the Spagetti feed on Sunday

    Love Doug, Kaylene, Bri and Jess

  285. Thank you for the very informtive update we have sent it on to the prayer team and we will all be praying.
    Sounds like you have a great medical team who all agree. Try and remember they will give you worse case senarios so you ar not suprised by anything, we are praying nothing bad happens and it is all good.
    God Bless

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