Update and Scans – March 20, 2019

find discount pfizer viagra buy online This update is long overdue! I’m sorry it has taken so long to get it done. It seems as if these last two months have been filled with a lot of waiting, what ifs and uncertainty. The good news is that Emma is feeling good and looking the best she has in a few months.

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http://tauxizeta.org/?x=best-price-pfizer-viagra&297=50 After Emma’s scans in January, Dr. Chi felt like we should strongly consider trying to get Emma on a trial there for TAK580. She thought there would be one more group added to phase 1, which would start soon. However, the investigators on the study decided that they had enough information to determine appropriate dosing for phase 2, so there would be no more phase 1 spots and they would now move to phase 2. We initially thought that Emma would not be eligible for phase 2 because she has had a MEK inhibitor treatment in the past. The good news is that the investigators decided to do an addendum to the study and add a cohort for children who have had a MEK inhibitor. Dr. Chi added Emma’s name to the list for Phase 2, and is hopeful she will be accepted for one of the 20 spots at Dana Farber in Boston. The bad news is that as the trial transitions from phase 1 to phase 2 there is break, because things have to go back through legal and the FDA for approval. When we talked with Dr. Chi at the beginning of February, she felt it would probably be 2-4 months before the trial opens.

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http://antoniosalci.com/?x=generic-viagra-from-canadian-pharmacy Now the problem became deciding what we do while we wait for the trial to open. The difficult part is that in order for Emma to eligible for the trial she has to demonstrate disease progression. Her scans in January showed slight enhancement, which could be considered progression. The issue is that if we continued to do the chemo she had been doing until the trial opened and then did the scan for the trial and it was stable compared to the January scan, she wouldn’t be eligible for the study. After lots of discussion with our doctors it came down to deciding if we finished the last 5 weeks of round 2 of the treatment she was on and then wait for the trial, or just not do any treatment and wait for the trial. As her parents this all just seemed like impossible decisions and knowing that in order to get her on the trial, we have to let the tumor grow. It just seems so wrong to let it grow after we have fought so hard to stop it from growing!


drug interactions--coumadin and viagra Dr. Chi did a great deal of studying past scans, rates of growth, talked with other doctors, as well as Dr. Abromowitch here. Their recommendation was to take a break from chemo and scan in two months instead of three to make sure the tumor wasn’t growing too rapidly without treatment. Dr. Chi felt comfortable waiting two months and not doing treatment based off of the rate of growth of her tumor previously when off of treatment. Both Dr. Chi and Dr. Abromowitch thought the break from treatment would be good for Emma’s body and give her a chance to regroup and get stronger. The treatment we had been on, had been extremely hard on Emma physically. She had lost weight, she was needing blood transfusions regularly, and she felt awful a lot of the time. It had been hard to watch her lose so much since starting the treatment in August.

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enter That brings us to now…two months after scans in January. The break from chemo has been really good for Emma. She looks the best she has in months, she has more energy, she’s gaining weight, and she is getting stronger. Of course, we don’t know what that tumor is doing, so we continue to pray that it is behaving while we have taken this break. It has been a test in patience for us as parents to wait. The gravity of making such big and difficult decisions wears on us, and we often wonder if we have done the right thing. When we feel this way, we try to remind ourselves to place our trust in God and remember that we trust that he will lead our doctors in helping us decide what to do.

purchase canadian viagra without prescription Emma is scheduled for a MRI here in Omaha tomorrow morning. Dr. Chi suggested scanning here and sending it to her to review, so we wouldn’t have to add an additional trip to Boston so soon after the last scan. The plan is to scan tomorrow, and then get initial results from Dr. Abromowitch here tomorrow afternoon. Then we will mail the scans to Dr. Chi in Boston and she will also review them. She was hoping by this point she may have more information on a start date for the trial. They will then decide if we can continue to wait for the trial, meaning the tumor hasn’t grown much, or if we need to start a different treatment immediately because the tumor has grown enough that we can’t wait any longer for the trial.

source url As always we appreciate any and all prayers for Emma tomorrow and good scans. Although the last few months have been a test in patience and faith, we are hopeful the results tomorrow will show little change and we can continue to wait for the trial. We also hope that the trial will soon have a hard start date. Thank you to all of you who continue to fight this battle along side us and lift us up with your prayers and support. It means more than you know to us!

viagra canada Also if you have a few extra minutes, please say a prayer for Emma’s fellow brain tumor warrior, Grady (Grady’s Avengers), who had surgery today in Omaha to resect his tumor after discovering a reoccurrence of disease. Please pray for him and his family as they begin the road of recovery and treatment.