Change in Plans – August 25, 2014

We just wanted give you all a quick update. Dr. G’s office called this morning and said that Dr. G. would like to do Emma’s surgery on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. So we quickly got ourselves over to Children’s for pre-op appointments this morning. We just heard back from the hospital and Emma is set for a 6:00 a.m. arrival tomorrow and surgery should start around 7:30.

The change in surgery time had nothing to do with how Emma is doing, but with scheduling issues at the hospital. In some ways it is good that we don’t have to wait another day, but in other ways it is hard because I’m not sure we had completely mentally prepared ourselves for this yet.

As far as the pre-op nurse knew the operating room is reserved for 4-5 hours, but they also added that Dr. Goumnerova has the room for as long as she wants.  We ourselves are still preparing for something similar to the 10 hour ordeal that we went through the first time around.  I guess we assume everyone knows this but the surgery will be very similar to the first one, where Dr. G will go in and remove all of the tumor that she can safely get to.  We as her parents know that there is no earthly way she will be able to remove the entire tumor, due to the portions wrapped around the carotid artery and the optic nerves, but are praying like crazy that it is God’s plan that she is able to remove it all.

Emma will immediately after surgery be moved up to the ICU so she can constantly be watched by nurses.  It is this fact that quickly reminds you of the seriousness of the procedure that Emma is about to endure.  I know every single one of you, myself included, have used the phrase “its not brain surgery” to describe something you are capable of doing.  Well guess what.  Emma Gehring is not just anyone and she is #EmmaStrong and she is capable of making it through brain surgery – Twice in her first two years of life.

We are asking that all of our wonderful EmmaStrong prayer warriors to overwhelm God with unending prayers for Emma as she undergoes surgery and throughout her recovery. Thanks again for all of the continued prayers and support. Emma is such a fighter and we know that tomorrow she will once again show us what it means to be EmmaStrong!!

Thank you for the amazing support over the past few days.  T-shirt orders will continue to be filled out of Omaha while we are in Boston, so thank you for those orders.  Keep them coming!!  I would love for Nicole to get really comfortable with the shipping process through USPS.