Headded Back To Boston

As promised we have gotten all of our recent developments onto the computer to share with everyone. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to continue to follow Emma’s Story, we continue to be amazed with the support that we and all other families suffering from this disease encounter on a daily basis. God bless each and everyone of you. Below is a link to the happenings at the Pediatric Brain Cancer day at the UNL football game. Thanks to all involved in organizing this especially Keith Zimmer and the members of UNL’s Uplifting Athletes chapter. I have set up an EmmaStrong YouTube channel so you should be able to find all of Emma’s videos on their for you viewing. When you click on the link it should open a new window in YouTube to watch all of the action.

#EmmaStrong at UNL’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Awareness Day


Emma got spend some quality time with her family,

P1050761 Seth SO Strong,

P1050726 Sam Burtch and Ameer Abdulah,

P1050757 and Miss Nebraska – JaCee Pilkington.

What an amazing day, with amazing experiences. We also got to see Larry the Cable Guy, Dan, or as Aiden calls him “Mater” but didn’t take a picture with him since he had a pretty bad cold. Later that week Emma and Brent got to go up and participate in Team Jacks state wide fundraiser. To see the support of so many wonderful people working to help fight Pediatric Brain Cancer is quite an experience. It was fun to watch the months of work put in by dozens of people go off without a hitch. Below is the radio clip of Emma’s story that was used in Team Jacks radio-a-thon.



Team EmmaStrong will appreciate any and all prayers over the next week as we head to Boston on Tuesday for our 3 month MRI. We are praying for positive results as Emma has responded extremely well to the change in Chemotherapy the past few weeks. The MRI will be performed on Wednesday morning around 9:45 in Boston and we will receive our results around 3 in the afternoon. We can’t wait to hear how well this new therapy has been working over the past few months.