Learn to be flexible

Life has definitely taught me to be more flexible.  The first thing we found out this morning was that they were changing the surgery order.  They decided that nothing changed with Emma but for their schedules they needed to have the Shunt surgery first and the Port surgery second.  We also found out that they aren’t going to do chemotherapy tomorrow morning.  Quite a shock to our system because when we heard this we assumed that there was considerable growth of the tumor.  Why else would they want to do chemo so quickly?  We did find out today that they urgency came from an email from Boston saying that they felt it was important to start chemo soon due to what they observed as considerable changes in the tumor.  After hearing about Boston’s opinion the radiologists, oncologists, and neurosurgeons in Omaha looked at the MRI again to see if they missed something.  After completing a lot of different measurements of the tumor the staff in Omaha feel that the tumor hasn’t grown but instead has changed shape due to the pressure in the brain.

Emma has now made it through the surgery of putting the shunt in and we were just informed that it looks as though they are finishing up the port surgery.  So far everything looks good.  After the port is finished we only have the MRI of the spine remaining.  Thanks for the prayers, keep it up.