Saturday, Aug. 30


Gonna be a short update tonight.  Mostly Pictures.

Emma has made slow but steady improvement each and every day.  Her ability to fight through the pain and discomfort amazes me.  While she isn’t able to smile yet following the surgery, she is very loving and understanding no matter what she is presented with.


My sleeping girls.

The PT and OT staff have been coming up each day to help Emma relearn how to sit up and use her right hand effectively.  In order to help Emma with her sitting they brought up a blue chair to assist her with practicing sitting.


Emma in her new chair.

Eating and drinking has continued to be slow as she isn’t a huge fan of the food combined with the discomfort that opening her mouth and chewing seem to be.  She is able to eat just about anything, you just have to be sure to cut it in to small enough bites so she doesn’t choke.  Today’s development is that she has started storing food in her right side of the mouth.  Apparently she is nervous we won’t feed her enough in the future.


Finally Dad’s first cuddles today

Today we were surprised at the hospital by a couple family friends Sheryl and Billie Jo.  It was wonderful to get to see friendly faces after being gone for so long.

Not much else happening around here.  Thanks for checking in.  God Bless.