September 19th

We have made it once again to Pediatric Cancer Awareness month and we want to express our appreciation to everyone that has been involved with one or more events that have been going on around the state.  Our family has had an extremely busy month running from games for Aiden, cleaning up after Easton, and appointment after appointment for Emma.
Emma has struggled with everything from skin issues, steroids, liver counts, and now a stomach bug.  Let me tell you it has been an interesting ride the past couple weeks.  Thank you to all of those that have given a helping hand the past month or two, especially understanding and supportive employers.  I don’t know what we would do with out our family and friends.
Thanks to the daily steroids Emma has put on 4 pounds the past two weeks from her almost constant eating.  Her lack of appetite has not been an issue recently, that is for sure.  I mentioned that Emma has been battling high liver counts more specifically very high ALT and AST numbers.  After two or three weeks of doctors appointments we still haven’t figured out what caused the increased numbers but their best guess is the same issue that caused her skin rash.  Their best guess for that is something called DRESS syndrome but shockingly enough Emma didn’t present that syndrome normally either.
We are typing this update on a plane with Emma on our way to Boston for scans and appointments.  Our schedule is extremely busy and quick this trip but hopefully we get some answers about what is going on with Emma and how we can get her off of the steroids without breaking out in a rash again.  To further complicate the trip Easton got a stomach bug Saturday and Emma had some issues Monday night.  Praise God that she hasn’t had any issues so far on our flights.  We have an appointment with endocrinology this afternoon, scans and appointments all day Wednesday and a meeting with dermatology on Thursday morning before flying home in the afternoon.
It has been a rough couple of months for Emma and we just want her to be healthy and happy again soon.  One of the major highlights that we have had the past couple weeks is Emma transitioning to Kindergarten and loving it.  I would love to say it because of her parents hard work over the summer but I am aware it is because of the loving and supportive staff at Walnut Creek Elementary.  We have been blessed with great staff members that love Emma and treat her just like we do at home.  Yet another thing to be thankful for during this trying month.
Just a heads up that there are some wonderful fundraising and awareness activities going on this month for EmmaStrong.  First of all a thank you needs to go out to the Papillion La Vista South High School for the Key Club running a Go Gold week this week and Girls Cross-Country groups running for Emma all season long.  Lakeview High School Softball is also holding a fundraiser for EmmaStrong and Sammy’s Superheroes on the 21st at their home softball game.  There are great items available for raffle and auction so please consider stopping out to support their efforts.  The generosity of these young adults continues to amaze me.  I only hope that someday I will be able to give as much as everyone has given to my family during our time of need.
Prayers would be greatly appreciated the next couple days.  Prayers for a miracle with Emma’s scan and prayers for comfort and support as we go through another challenging week.
Thank you for continuing to follow Emma’s story and caring enough to keep reading.