Stable! – October 17, 2018

Today we are so very thankful for answered prayers! The last few months since starting treatment again have been hard. They have been hard on Emma, and that wears on us as parents. The decisions that we have to make for Emma weigh heavy on us at times. For instance deciding which treatment will be best to start, and then watching as that treatment is so hard on Emma…it is hard. It is hard to know if the decisions we make are best.

Today though, we are thankful…thankful for stable scans and answered prayers. We have been filled with worry about if the decision we made was right and if it was worth what we are putting Emma through, but today when we heard her tumor is stable we were thankful that God answered our prayers in keeping her tumor stable, but also in guiding us in making the decisions that must be made to help Emma. While the chemo is hard on her, hearing that it is working makes the hard parts of this treatment just a little better.

Emma’s day got off to a bit of a rough start with issues with port access, and a late start at MRI. We met with Dr. Chi (oncology) and Dr. Ullrich (neurology) this afternoon. We were of course so relieved to here the news of stable scans. Overall they were both pretty happy with how Emma is doing and her overall development. The fact that Emma has been feeling crummy for a few days after chemo and has been really tired, they tell us is what they expect. None of us are happy that she is so fatigued that she sleeps through half of school some days, but right now that is what her body needs. The good news is that even though she isn’t always feeling best at school, she is still making progress there and in therapy. Dr. Chi’s recommendations are to continue what we are doing and come back in three months for scans. We have a few more appointments tomorrow, and then we will be ready to head home!

Tonight, as Emma is curled up beside me in bed resting after a long day, I can’t help but feel a little relieved and a lot thankful. We are thankful for all of the prayers, messages, and support that continue to be sent to Emma and our family. We have been doing this a long time, but we continued to be humbled and amazed by the support that we receive. We aren’t always very good at getting thank you cards and messages sent to everyone, but please know how humbled and thankful we are for the outpouring of love and support we receive. The power of prayer is amazing and your support is truly what keeps us strong for Emma!