Another appointment = More bad news.

Sorry we didn’t post last night, we were waiting to get ahold of my parents to share the results with them over the phone. Haven’t heard from them yet so I guess we will post anyway. As we said earlier the surgeries went well from what we can tell. There weren’t any difficulties or unexpected things that occurred during the work.

The issue came during the MRI of the spine. They found two small pieces of tumor in the spine. They are small roughly one millimeter in size but there none the less. While this doesn’t change the treatment it does bring in another area to worry about. Obviously if these were to grow it would make walking and sitting all the more difficult. The doctors aren’t sure if they were there all along or if the pieces may have traveled to the spine via spinal fluid after or during the surgery. Either way we are extremely distraught over these developments. As Emma’s parents we feel more anger than anything, all she needs is one break but every single time we go to the doctor they give us more bad news. Every single time. I believe we were told that the tumors are located in the C3 or C4 region of the spine. Don’t quote me on that though.

Since the surgeries Emma has been in quite a bit of pain. More so then after the tumor resection. This has been difficult but we seem to be getting on a better pain med schedule that has her a little more comfortable. Every time we move her or hand her to one another she winces and cries in pain. Last night it was worse and she would cry for about five to ten minutes after every time she moved. It was a cry I hope I never have to hear again. It sounds like we will be able to go home today, but I think we are going to stay till this evening so that we can see Dr. B tonight.

It also sounds like we have tentatively scheduled chemo for Tuesday next week but I will let you know when I hear more. Thanks for your prayers and support they are all appreciated. May God Bless each and every one of you.

A special shout out goes to Bellevue West FBLA and STUCO for taking the time to put on a very successful dodgeball tournament to fundraise for Emma. Your kindness and generosity is amazing may it come back to each and everyone of you tenfold.