Time for the Weekend

Emma has successfully made it through the surgeries. We are only having to give her Motrin every six hours for pain, which should be good for her digestive track. We finally got out of the hospital on Wednesday night around 7:30 p.m. Doctor Bowdino told us Wednesday night that he felt the surgeries went extremely well and she looks like she is recovering well. When we asked him how concerned we should be about the tumors in the spine, he answered very similarly to Dr. Abromowich and said that in comparison to the tumor in the brain its not a big deal. This could be taken one of two ways but we are trying to believe that this means the tumors in the spine are no big deal at all. We can hope can’t we. They did say that because one of the tumors is 2 millimeters and the other is only 3 millimeters there is a decent chance that they could be cleared up with the chemo. God willing. I know that I was really looking forward to the weekend since I was beginning to lose my mind sitting at home alone with Emma. Don’t get me wrong she is a wonderful person to spend time with but the conversation seems to be one-sided. Bring on some adult conversation. I had always said I was willing to be a stay at home dad but this past month and a half has proven that incorrect.

Next week we will have Emma’s first experience with chemotherapy as well as OT and PT but hopefully that is it. The other big thing we are working on right now is daycare for Emma for the rest of the school year. She isn’t able to go to her normal daycare with Aiden because of the number of germs that these wonderful toddlers carry with them everywhere they go. Instead we have to find someone or some people willing to watch over Emma either at our house or somewhere that is relatively germ free because of what her white blood cell count will be during chemo. We think that we may have come up with an absolutely wonderful option for three of the days of the week, hopefully anyways. We think we can come up with a plan that involves a rotation of immediate family members covering one day a week for Emma’s chemotherapy appointments. This would leave only one day a week that we need to find someone to watch Emma. If we can figure this out we know that God is watching over us because this has been a very stressful portion of the process.

Thanks for taking the time to stay up to date on what is going on in our amazingly strong daughters life. She is teaching us how to deal with life in an entirely new way. May God bless each and everyone of you.