Treatment begins Tomorrow

While we have enjoyed the longer weekend we are not ready for it to end.  Tuesday morning I will have to take Emma in for her first dose of Chemo starting 10:00 am at Children’s Hospital.  We have seen progress in Emma’s healing over the past few days but she is far from back to normal.

Our lives continue to be interesting to say the least.  Aiden was lucky enough to come down with some sort of bug on Sunday afternoon.  If anyone knows Aiden, there is reason for concern when he voluntarily gets in bed in the afternoon.  He told me that his head hurt and that he needed medicine, after taking his temperature I happily obliged.  I will give you the short version that involved him having a temperature through the night and vomiting once in the afternoon.  He fell asleep around 7 p.m. which is quite early for him.  This led to one of the longer evenings that we have had in a while.  Aiden woke up every hour or so wanting something to drink or eat and finally wanting to get up for good around 5 a.m.  Emma also decided to have a bad evening by first not wanting to go to sleep and then waking up crying about 10 times throughout the night.  Yay for us.  I think Kathryn and I ended up finding a way to get a couple hours of sleep but not nearly enough.  Hopefully we can both get a nap at some point this afternoon.

We aren’t even sure what will happen if Emma has the bug as well or if she does get the chemo will she be able to come home if her brother is sick.  Guess we will find out tomorrow.

Today, we are trying to continue organize our lives for the next couple months.  Thank you to those special angels that have offered us options for Emma’s care while we are at work.  If we hear back from the Oncologists at Children’s and they tell us that we can do chemo on Monday’s we should be in fairly good shape.  Family and friends continue to share and help every step of the way.  We have kind of run into a scheduling wall with our private OT and PT because they told my wife that they don’t have any openings for OT and PT over the next couple of weeks.  I wish we would have known that when they told us not to schedule our next appointments when we were there on Thursday.  We as well as the OT and PT feel it is important to develop a schedule for Emma that is as consistent as possible and having appointments at random times on random days would definitely not do that.  We could end up going two weeks without Emma getting any private treatment.

Back to the daycare situation for Emma of course things couldn’t work out the way we needed it to.  Dr. A doesn’t see patients on Monday’s or Wednesdays so we are in need of another day of Emma being watched.  If someone out there wants to watch a beautiful baby girl on Monday’s that would be awesome.

Just so everyone is aware we have posted pictures from the Spaghetti Feed in the Pictures section.  If you weren’t able to make it. Special thanks goes out to my sister Jennifer McHugh for remembering to take pictures.  Everyone else in this household seemed to forget. I can’t believe Aiden didn’t remember his job.