Emma is heading back under the knife – February 28th, 2017

All dressed up and ready for the Team Jack Gala

Emma has had a very eventful couple of weeks recently. In the past three weeks she had the opportunity to go and get her hair cut and curled, see her cousins down in Kansas City, participate in dance recital at Creighton, and attend the Team Jack Gala in Lincoln, Nebraska this past weekend. While it has been busy and at times a stressful couple of weeks it is greatly appreciated that we have the time and ability to do such fun things with our healthy little girl.

Because of her overall being healthy we are finally starting to catch up on some of the surgeries that we have been putting off the past couple of years. Today in roughly an hour Emma will be having a procedure done called a ureteral reimplantation.  During one of the emergency room experiences over a year ago we found Emma’s left kidney to be scarred and smaller than the right. We later found out that the bladder was refluxing back into the kidneys. This is what has caused her to have numerous Urinary Tract Infections these last few months. Today we get to fix this. I don’t have a lot of details about the surgery but I do know that she will have it done today and she will have to stay over night to recover.

Emma hanging out with her friend Hannah Huston

This is a procedure that is usually done using a laparoscopic procedure but because of Emma’s shunt there is too high of a risk of infection that could spread to the brain. She will instead have to receive a cut in her lower abdomen. This will cause more pain for her but will protect her in the long run.   We appreciate any and all prayers today.

Emma also found out that she will be having a surgery on her right eye in the near future to help correct the strabismus that she has dealt with multiple times. Over the past two years we have tried to get consistent reads on what her eyes do and we are now comfortable that surgery can help correct the issue.

Emma hanging out with her friend “Billy”

It is great that Emma is healthy and happy but the more they keep digging the more issues they seem to find. Hopefully this helps Emma and protects her kidneys in the future. Thank you again for all of your continued prayers and support!