Emma is Home, March 1st, 2017

I just wanted to provide a quick update.  We would have let everyone know earlier, but we weren’t sure what was going to happen until around 6:30 this evening.    Emma did get to come home but the plan all afternoon was that she was going to have to spend one more night because she wasn’t passing urine enough throughout the day.

Luckily enough she turned it around late in the afternoon.  We finally got home around 8:30 tonight, checking out of a hospital is never a fast process.  I can’t thank Children’s Hospital enough for the wonderful care that Emma had during the last two days.  The nurses over in the short term stay area of Methodist went above and beyond the entire time she was there.  Our nurse today even said that she promised she would stay as long as we had to, even though her shift ended an hour earlier.

The surgery went fairly well yesterday with the only issue she had was when the epidural didn’t take and the anesthesiologist didn’t want to risk bad headache so they stopped.  Instead they used a local numbing and morphine early on moving to Ibuprofen and Tylenol over the evening.  Thankfully the procedure went well and Emma’s pain level has been fairly low to this point.  She is even passionately telling us that she wants to go to school tomorrow.  We may have to see about that.

Thank you for the continued prayers and messages the past two days.  Sorry we didn’t give more heads up about the surgery, but things have been pretty hectic.  Praise God for yet another successful surgery.