Update – March 20, 2017

Emma is excited about her new gifts from a special cousin in Maryland.

Here it is, time to head to Boston for scans again. The last three months just flew by! It is hard to believe we are packing bags and preparing for scans again. We fly to Boston tomorrow and then have scans and meet with her oncologist, neurologist and psychiatrist on Wednesday. We don’t have any extra appointments this trip, so we will fly home on Friday. It is another quick trip, but should be good. Emma has been doing really well, and has recovered from her surgery a few weeks ago. She was sore for about a week from the incision, but is now back to her regular sassy self! We really enjoyed having time off last week for spring break and were able to squeeze in some fun days at the zoo, Children’s Museum and Disney on Ice, which Emma loved!

No matter how many times we do scans, it never gets any easier. The stress and anxiety of waiting to find out if her tumor remains stable is always there. We are praying that since she seems to be doing well, that is an indicator that her tumor has remained stable. As we well know though, good news is not a given when you scan. I know we ask this a lot of all of you who follow Emma’s story, but if you have a few extra minutes Wednesday we would take some extra prayers for good news. Thank you so much to everyone for your continued prayers and support. We will try to get an update up Wednesday evening to let everyone know how things went. Thanks again!