Made it home – Sort of

I am going to quickly type an update before I head off to work, because it should have been done last night.  Emma was discharged from the hospital around noon on Monday, because she had made some improvements.  Her oxygen counts had gone up to around 95 – 96 without oxygen on for almost an entire day.  We brought her home and she seemed ok but didn’t sleep very well.

On Tuesday Emma again starting to struggle with her breathing and showed signs of distress.  After a call up to the hospital and a visit from Kristi Dada in the evening on Tuesday, we decided to take Emma up to the ER for an oxygen level check.

While there her counts were again down to around 90 but they chose to administer even more medicine to help her breathe instead of putting her on oxygen.  This has seemed to help and the addition of another five day days of steroid has helped her turn the corner again.

Still not quite sure what she has going on, but when on steroids she looks like a different girl.  Thank you for all the prayers.