November 8th, 2015

This week has tested our endurance as a family, and by that I am also including our extended families.  Emma has had blood count issues combined with her continued cough and lung issues and because of that the doctors haven’t allowed Emma to go back to daycare or school.  This of course means putting the puzzle together of who can watch Emma on what days.  On Thursday we were also informed that the doctors are concerned enough about Emma’s need to be on steroids in order to limit the lung issues that they have told us that one of the drugs CCNU is at times linked to lung failure.  Because of this Emma has to have CT scan with contrast to check on the health of her lungs.  If these test results come back poorly they will no longer be able to allow Emma to take the drug that as far as last scans are concerned seems to be working.  This also means that we would again possibly be looking for another chemo treatment.

There are obvious are concerns that come with this, but we feel fairly good about this being a virus of some sort because we haven’t been able to kick this cough for weeks either.  If healthy adults can’t beat the bug how can you expect a young girl with a compromised immune system to clear it.  We will head into the doctor around 10:30 and may not find anything out until Tuesday.  We do hope that this test can give us some idea of what Emma is dealing with so that we can get her back to learning and therapy.

We seriously couldn’t be doing this without every single one of you that fill our life with constant assistance and kind gestures.  I hope to update everyone soon with positive results from the scan.  Staying #EmmaStrong