“Normal” Life

EmmaStrongPost2I have to start this entry by apologizing for not updating this site for the last week. Evidently going back to a “normal” life was a little harder than we would have liked. Each day we would say we need to update the site tonight, and by the time the kids were in bed we weren’t far behind. Emma had a great week last week. She was her happy, smiley self and enjoyed being back at daycare. She adjusted to going back to daycare better than Mommy and Daddy adjusted to going back to work. It was hard to go back to work and focus. For us it seemed like time just sort of stopped for the last few weeks, but going back to work was quite the reminder that things certainly hadn’t stopped. Brent and I are trying to get caught up at work, but that is easier said than done. Emma just seems to occupy our thoughts.


On Saturday afternoon Emma started to get a little more fussy than usual. She was pretty lethargic on Sunday and still very fussy and seemed uncomfortable. She also didn’t eat as well on Sunday. It just seemed as if something wasn’t right. So needless to say Mom and Dad were starting to get worried. We got up this morning and she was still not herself so Brent took her into the pediatrician this morning. On the bright side she gained 5 oz. since Wednesday. On the not so great side of things, her head circumference had grown a half an inch since Wednesday. Our pediatrician is concerned that she may have some fluid on the brain that is causing her to be lethargic, fussy and not eat as well. So he ordered a MRI for tomorrow morning (Tuesday). We will head to Children’s in Omaha tomorrow, and will be praying for some sort of good result. Our pediatrician is concerned there may be fluid building up and that she may need a shunt.


The Birth-3 team came out today and did an evaluation on Emma. We were lucky to have the full team here to evaluate her to determine what services she would need. She qualified for services, so we will meet again later this week to determine goals and what services will look like. We also have appointments on Friday to have an OT and PT evaluation done at a private therapy clinic. We are hoping to get all the services she needs set up and going so that she can continue to work on strengthening her left side. We also have an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow, so we are hoping to find out more about when treatments will start and more about what treatments will be like.


It seems after a week of trying to get settled back into life and enjoying time with our little, smiley girl last week we are back to wondering what will come next tomorrow. We are nervous to find out what the results of the MRI will be and are hoping it isn’t too serious. I feel like we have already asked a lot of so many people, but if you have a few minutes today, please say a prayer that the results of the MRI are good and that after tomorrow we will have more answers about what comes next.


I have to send out a big thank you to all of you have continued to pray for Emma and our family. We feel all of the prayers and support that are being sent our way. We continue to be amazed by the overwhelming support that we are receiving. We also want to thank everyone who has been working so hard to get things ready for Emma’s benefit this weekend. We are so blessed with such amazing friends and family!! We are #EmmaStrong because of you!