Headed Home!!!


We are finally headed back home tomorrow morning! We can’t wait to get Emma home and all be together in one place again. Emma is scheduled to get discharged from Madonna tomorrow morning around 10:00. She finished up the last of her therapy today and now we are just finishing packing up.

It has been a hard month, but good for Emma. While it is has been difficult for Brent and I to be away from home so much and try to balance a somewhat normal life for Aiden with being in Lincoln with Emma, it has been a productive month for Emma. Being at Madonna has been good for her and she has made several gains. I wish I could say she has made some huge gains like being able to walk or crawl, but even though we can’t say that she has made some great gains. Her strength has improved a lot and she is using her left arm more. She is able to stand for longer periods of time and is weight bearing on her left arm much better. She continues to work on transitioning to different positions, and has shown lots of progress in her walking and standing. She walked about 100 feet yesterday with the therapist supporting her at the waist, but she is initiating steps by herself and looking better everyday.


We feel very lucky and very blessed that Emma had the opportunity to come to Madonna for the last month to focus on her strength and rehabilitation. It has been a great experience for her. The therapists, nurses and doctors here have been wonderful and taken such good care of her. We can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work with Emma. She is definitely going to miss her therapists and nurses. These wonderful people have made helped to make this place feel as much like home as they could and have been great to work with. Thank you to you all! As we get ready to leave, it is kind of bittersweet to leave many of the friendly faces here and so many of the families. We have been so lucky to meet some great families here who are also going through some tough times. It has been nice getting to know these families and we wish them all luck as they continue their journeys as well.

Emma did well at chemo this week. Her counts looked good, and she made it through the treatment without any problems. Dr. Abromowitch said it is to be expected that she may not feel as well or eat as well like she did last week as we get further into the treatment. She feels her weight looks good and we just need to keep pushing fluids and solids and she will be alright. Emma has been tired and not eaten as well the last two days, but seems to feel better this week following chemo than she did last week.

(Big girl walking)

We will do chemo on Monday next week, and then we fly out to Boston on Tuesday. Emma will have an MRI on Wednesday and then we will meet with the brain tumor team that afternoon. We would sure appreciate a few extra prayers this week for safe travels and positive MRI results. We can’t thank you all enough for the prayers and support.

We were also lucky enough to get to take Emma out Wednesday night to take her 1 year pictures, Aiden’s 4 year pictures and some family pictures. Kelcy Greisen of Red Willow photography was so kind to take the pictures. I am so excited to see them! We will get some up on the site to share with all of you when we get them.