Tuesday, February 26th

I don’t have a whole lot to update about today but I can tell you that another trip to the doctors office did not go as planned. Emma and I spent over 9 hours at children’s and didn’t get chemo in that time. We have been concerned about the fluid around the port since last week. The biggest concern is the fact that when the needle is being pulled out of the port there is usually a stream of fluid that follows. The fluid isn’t bloody and they aren’t sure where the fluid is coming from. Today we tested the port and found out that the fluid shooting out of the skin is not coming from inside the port. Therefore the fluid is coming from out and around the port in the skin. We are unsure where it is coming from but they did an x-ray of the shunt as well and didn’t see anything that jumped out to them as wrong. Tonight the port area is quite enlarged again and we are unsure what will happen tomorrow. We may be able to do the chemo and we may end up having a surgery on the shunt depending on what they find with further tests tomorrow. We don’t know a lot at this point other then the fact that Emma went into the day smiling and talking and she was doing the same when we left tonight. Special prayers tonight go out to the Menke and Johansen families. May God provide you with comfort and rest through these difficult days.